Thursday, January 10, 2008

Special Night

Last week, Olivia received a special invitation to spent the night with her GREAT grand parents! (My mom's mom!) It's a big deal because I know my Sugar wanted to have her spend the night eventually, but wanted her to be old enough.

Sugar, my grandmother, came and got her after nap time. Olivia packed her bag with pajamas and other things she wanted to take!

They baked cookies, ate dinner, opened more Christmas presents, read books, and got to take a "special" bath. My sister and I have fun memories of taking baths at Sugar's house in the big bathtub. It's a jacuzzi tub and we loved to put bubbles in it and turn the jets on!!

Olivia LOVED it!

She also got to sleep in Sugar's king size bed with her! They kicked BB (my grandfather) out!! hehehe Sugar said it took her a while to go to sleep! Olivia at one point looked at the clock and said, "It says 9-5-5...what does that mean?" Sugar said, "That means it's almost 10:00 and time to go to BED!!!" Olivia thought it was 'so cool' to stay up late!

I'm glad she will have these memories with her great grand parents like I do from when I was her age! They are true examples to all of our family of a godly couple!! We love them very much!

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  1. How much fun! What a blessing that your kiddos can know their great-grandparents. :)


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