Friday, October 12, 2007

We LOVE Softball!! I think....

One of Robert's favorite things to do is to play softball for fun. It's a night of the week he gets to cut loose and get some good fellowship time in. He plays for the Highlanders, which is also a small group at church. It's not a church league though - I think someone last night said they were playing on the competitive night. Not sure....I'm no expert.

But I've been watching Robert play softball since way before we were married! Though I can't say I've watch a game all the way through in about....hmmmmm 4.5 years! HA! Kids would rather climb look through the chain link fence, fall off climb on bleachers, and throw make "sand castles" with the red dirt from the field.

Well we decided to "wing it" and take all 3 to Robert's 6:30 game last night. I can do this....right? And risk messing everyone's internal clock up??? I am SUCH a stickler for routine and schedule, especially since Lillian's gotten here. It proves itself everyday when the kids are so much happier (and sleep longer) when I do stick to it.

But we go and it felt great - it's getting COOLER!! The kids had a blast. We got them a happy meal to distract them with eat at the game. Lillian liked it for the first few minutes. Bright lights and people first I thought she'd sit there the whole time just in awe of everything! Just takin' everything in! She did....for about 15 minutes. Then she realized, wait, I'm supposed to be swaddled and eating right now. Something is not right.....I'll start acting uncomfortable!! Cue....Mommy walking/bouncing Lillian!!

But we did manage to get some pictures. One even courtesy of Olivia!!! :-)

Not bad for a 4 year old!

Lillian was up to her usually blowing raspberries profusely!

CUTE!! I told the they couldn't go play until I took a picture - Landon is saying "cheese" to get this over with as fast as possible. There is a huge playground right next to the field they were eying the whole time!!

We finally made it home - Lillian cried the whole way home. Poor thing, I messed her up so bad yesterday. The kids got a quick bath. I fed Lillian and she actually slept through the night - THANK GOODNESS!!! That might be the last game we make it to for a while!!



  1. Lindsay - I love these photos. You have a beautiful family!

  2. Isn't it so funny how babies, as little and young as they are, get used to those routines? Crazy! Asher used to love his swaddle too. The nursery workers at church would try to lay him down without it, and he would freak out! :)
    Well, your pictures turned out beautiful. Olivia may have a future in photography! ;)

  3. Great picture Olivia!!!

    Well.. it was a little fun wasn't it?? Don't you hate how we (Moms) end up paying for our great ideas after the fact? You had to try once right?? haha Sorry Lillian didn't play fair. I used to go in the van and nurse the kids if we were out during their feedings. Even if we were out running errands. I would rather do that than let them get messed up.

    Blessings to you!


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