Thursday, October 11, 2007


I don't know what's into me. I don't know what to blog about so I'll just put a few random pictures and blurbs. Maybe something more will come flowing out of my fingers... :-)

This was Saturday morning at our house. They're watching cartoons. I just think this is cute because it looks like Lillian is sitting up watching them too. It was kinda cool so we tucked them all in up there under the blankets! Landon looks really into it, HA!!

We dedicated Lillian on Sunday morning. At our church, they dedicate babies and baptize believers!! It was nerve racking up there on stage. There are so many people in the audience and all the lights were on us! AHHH. Not to mention you're on a JUMBO screen when they introduce you! I think the kids did pretty well. Landon tried to sit down one time. I'm just glad Chris didn't ask us how we got the bow to stick on Lillian's head - it's KY Jelly! And I don't think we would have been comfortable sharing that in front of his congregation! :-)
Robert's parents came in town and it was great to see them. They live a state away and it's gotten harder and harder to get over there. Can we say 3 kids 4 and under in a car for 4+ hours??? Ummmm.....nuf said.

But we were THRILLED they made the trek and the kids were very sad to see them leave! Actually, Poppy, they got a jumbo bouncy ball with the quarters you gave them at Publix today. They know how to spend their $$$ ! :-)

Then we had a nice lunch at my parents house with the grandparents and great grandparents! Of course Landon found better things to do.......

That was my brother's horse from 15 years ago. My mom keeps everything - but it's come in handy!!! It still makes noise too!!! So fun!

Well, that's all I got right now.



  1. So fun!! I thought the kids did great up there!! What a beautiful family. I tell you, Lillian has that something special in her eyes. I just adore that little girl. She is SOOOOO happy - delightful. (unless you make her mad!) haahaa If you would only do things exactly like she asks! haha

    What a precious family you have! MUCH to be proud and thankful for! This is the link to that post I told you about today!! Clearly we can ALL relate to this experience!!


  2. Oops! That was the site and another good post, but here is the one I meant to send you!!

  3. How fun!
    You know, we still haven't dedicated poor little Asher. We keep trying to find a "first weekend of the month" that both our families can come to. Unfortunately, football rules in Channing's family right now, and my parents hate to travel. We need to get it done, though!
    I guess I'll have to find a hairdresser before then, though, since they put you on the jumbotron! ;)


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