Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Olivia the Photographer, Landon the Pirate

Every once in a while I'll find a bunch of pictures taken on my digital camera that Robert or I definitely didn't take. I guess I don't get too mad because we can delete them! (What did we used to do without digital cameras - do they even sell film anymore??) So these are some I found when I downloaded them the other day!! :-)

Olivia like to dress up once in a while. And sometimes, Landon gets sucked in too. He's worn everything from tutus to cheerleader outfits. But I think he's catching onto the fact that boys don't wear this stuff. Olivia can't get him into any of those outfits anymore. Smart boy! :-) SO.....we're working on getting him some boy dress up clothes. Cowboy hats, capes, you get the picture. Well, Lovey got him a pirate outfit the other day. We want him to wear it to our fall carnival at the church, so she got it early so he could get used to it.

Leave it to Olivia to coax him into one day. Get this - then the girl was smart enough to grab the camera and take pictures!!! I don't know what I was doing then, but I do remember her trying to get him to show me and he kept saying, "Don't look at me!" He apparently couldn't make up his mind whether he like it or not!

Here is a play by play....courtesy of Olivia!!

Olivia: "Ok Landon - stand up and smile!"
Landon: "STOP"

Olivia: "Landon, come on buddy, stand up and smile - you look so cute!"
Landon: "STOP, DON'T LOOK AT ME!!"

Olivia: sternly "Landon, STAND UP, buddy! Let me TAKE a PICTURE!"
Landon: "I'm LEAVING YaYa!" (how he says her name)

And Olivia kept on clicking!!!!!! HAHAHA!

I thought these were hysterical when I found them downloaded with bunch of other pictures! hehehe We've got a smart little girl on our hands!


  1. That is hilarious!!! What a cute dress up outfit. :)

  2. Landon looks so cute! Sam would love this costume...He thinks he really is a pirate!

  3. So cute!

  4. What fun! I am going to mention your blog on mine tomorrow. Just FYI. Tell me if you rather I not!

  5. love the pirate outfit.. brandon is going to be an army man, and i dont think that abbey has quite figured out what she is going to be.. i cant tell you how many pumpkins that we have carved.. oh let me tell you about the gingerbread pumpkin house that had the orange icing and the millions of tiny candies for the roof.. but the pictures are priceless of them, and when brant got involved it was even funnier.. anyways.. i love fall.. cold weather!! i missed it during the summer.. miss yall.. amy


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