Monday, October 1, 2007

The Kids Idea of Fun

Well, kids come up with brilliant ideas. Ours discovered the fun of riding down the driveway in anything that has wheels. Here is some of the fun they have!!!

They could do this ALL day long - and they do...when they're outside. Here is another one of Landon 'wrecking' into the neighbors house and Olivia almost taking a spill!!

Sometimes they tie up their toys to the back of the Barbie Jeep or Powerwheels Truck that they have and pull each other. It's hysterical - and sometimes NOT a good idea. They've had a few minor injuries from that brilliant idea - that I'm thinking they got from their father...hmmmmm. :-)

But they come FLYING down this hill sometimes - and crash really hard into the fence. They just giggle and go back up the hill. Landon even goes down backwards on a riding toy when he's feeling brave. Olivia has learned to lean to the left and right to 'steer' the riding toys. It was scary to watch at first but now I now they can handle it!!

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  1. Me?! Teach em a thing like that? Wherever would you get an idea like that? OK, maybe I had a slight hand in it...


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