Monday, October 1, 2007

Our God is a "High Tech" God...get it...the song! HA!

Sorry for that horribly unfunny title...I just couldn't help myself. When I read it, I hear the music to "Our God is an Awesome God" in my head.

But I think our God has gone a little high tech these days! Let me share.

As you know if you've been reading my blog, Robert's car broke down a few weeks ago. All of the sudden, we're out of our comfort zone and only have ONE car. Ok, that's not too could be worse. But we prayed about the car and the whole situation. Well, someone gave us a car that we could use but it had to be back Saturday September 29. Total answer to prayer - God was with us! We hoped our car would be fixed by then. But you know mechanics. Everything has taken a little longer.

So we take the car back that was on loan. And Robert's car gets towed to the shop. Now what do we do. I cannot seem to piece together in my head how we are to go the next week with one car. I mean, I partake in carpool, I have to take teachers appreciation lunches this week, not to mention the tons of other errand I run during the week. Not only that but Robert's work is like, I don't know, 25-30 miles away. And yes, you bet, he does it ALL in the city's worst rush hour traffic!! So I couldn't even figure out a mock schedule for us if I do have to take him to work.

But, we weren't worried. We know God has us in his hands. But still...we were really unsure.

So I blogged about it. It's weird, because I write all kinds of crazy things and I have NO idea who reads it. Which I kinda like, but it's still weird to not know who's reading about your life.

Sunday morning, around 7:30 or so, I'm awake before everyone as usual drinking my coffee. Preparing myself for the chaos a Sunday morning brings our household. It's the calm before the storm. And the phone rings. Who is calling? We don't get too many phone calls on a Sunday morning. I answer it and it's my Uncle. He says, "You Aunt read your you need a car?? I have 2 sitting here and you're welcome to use one!!" My jaw DROPPED!!!!! I just said, "Yes, this is an answer to prayer!" They dropped it off after church at our house for us!

Read my blog?? Crazy how God is working these days!? Then I find out later that my mom had sent an email to some friends about this situation just a few days ago!

please pray for robert and lindsay, roberts car broke down a few weeks he borrowed a friends car and had to return it today. he bought a new engine and it should be installed next week. so hard to watch them struggle..but what a chance for them to trust their Heavenly Father. i want to fix it for them, and know it's not the thing to do. hard..harder than you think. pray their faith to grow,taste and see God is good, Ps 50:15 -- "And call on Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall honor and glorify Me." they will know Him as their 23:1

WOW, so God's into email and blogging! What a cool, hip God we have. He has truly provided for us during this trying time. He has been by our side this whole time and never left us!

Our God is an Awesome God!!


  1. God is so good!!! I am rejoicing with you guys!!!

  2. Wow!! Celebrating (out in the world wide web - in the vast space where the stars exist) with you!! Maybe that sounds confusing but I imagine the outer space that satellites use to bounce waves to send our emails, blog info, etc. and when there is a prayer or a praise sent via our blog/emails- it is happening up there from us and above us.

    I love it! The best part is your Mom. My heart breaks reading her prayer, I can imagine her pain in knowing she wasn't the answer. What a hard thing to bear. How awesome that she was strong enough to let you see God show up and NOT interfere.


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