Monday, October 15, 2007

Bathtime and Sugar Rush

We had a fun weekend. Olivia spent the night with Lovey and Daddy Doc Friday night and went to the play Rumpelstiltskin at the Children's theater Saturday morning! Mom told me the made it nicer than the original. The only part I remembered of the story was when the troll wanted to steal the baby - scary! But she had fun. Then they dropped her off at our friend's house where we watched the Ole Miss game!!! We played ALL DAY outside and even walked to go and get ice cream ::mmmm Bruster's:: after the HORRIBLE call by the ref in the Ole Miss vs. Alabama game in the last 7 seconds! Crazy!!

But it was a beautiful day! At one point, I asked Robert to watch the baby while I did something like help clean up. So.........this is his idea of "watching the baby".

PLAYING FOOTBALL with a 3 month old on his shoulders!!! Then I guess she was "hampering his style" and so he readjusted...........

He just SET HER DOWN!!! HAHA!!! Don't worry, I went right over and picked her up. She wasn't even fussing. She really enjoys the fresh air!

Needless to say, they all needed baths when we got home so they would be clean for church in the morning. It's not the greatest picture - but it is the first picture of bath time with all 3 in the tub! So much easier dragging the baby tub out, setting it in the sink, messing up two areas, dripping water off when you put it get the picture. I think she liked it. And Olivia held her up when I washed her. It was great! Non of them look too thrilled. But like I said, they played so hard, went to bed early last night, and slept great from being so worn out!!

Well, I'm starting off this week with a fast or something. I was SO bad this weekend. I ate a WHOLE slice of COOKIE DOUGH cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory Friday night. And then had a huge bowl of CAKE BATTER ice cream with COOKIE DOUGH topping from Bruster's on Saturday - can we say......... CALORIES!! We won't even count the Mexican food and margarita! :-) HA! Good Gosh! I think I'm regretting canceling my gym membership. I guess I'll just have to nurse it off! hehehe The modern day liposuction!

Most weeks, I do really well eating wise. And then I have those times where I just don't care! Oh well, we can all be bad every once in a while....but that was BAAAADDDDDD.


  1. Sounds like my kind of weekend: a night with a tiny break from one of your kids, a day of football, Cheesecake factory, cake batter ice cream (LOVE IT!), and Mexican food. Does it get much better?!
    I too watched the Bama/Ole Miss game. It was quite a game. I never expected it to be so close. It was very entertaining to say the least. I did lots of yelling and hitting the couch. I offered the players lots of advice, but they didn't seem to be listening. I know, as an Ole Miss fan, the last call had to be heartbreaking, but I have to disagree with you that it was a bad call (of course, right?). I didn't understand the call completely myself, but Channing (a Georgia fan) explained it to me during the review. Since he (the Ole Miss player) had gone out of bounds and come back in and the Alabama player caught the ball and had it stripped away (and he, the Bama player, had one foot in bounds), he (the Ole Miss player)was considered out of the play/disqualified from the play or something like that. :) :) Anyway, it was wild. Needless to say, as an Alabama fan I was thrilled. You and Robert, not so much. I completely understand. :)
    I didn't know you canceled the gym. That must be why I haven't seen you there. Now who will my inspiration be? ;)
    If I were you, I wouldn't fret too much about all the calories you consumed. You are such a tiny thing, you need a vacation from calorie counting! Enjoy it! You can afford to eat what you want. Now me on the other hand, I still eat what I want and then complain to Ashley that my tummy won't go away. Doesn't make much sense, does it?
    HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!

  2. What a fun weekend! I love the pictures. I am in shock that you cancelled your gym membership!!! WOW!

  3. That bathtub picture is so cute! Lindsay, give yourself a break. Maybe you ate so many calories because your body NEEDED THEM. You are TINY so don't stress!!

  4. Oh, BTW, I love Robert playing football with Lilian on his shoulders. Typical dad! Too cute!!!
    She just fits right in. LOVE IT!!

  5. woman!!! just imagine starting off in a pregnancy again and...well... you get the picture.. i did so well running and trying to get back in shape.. (only after brandon lee was 3 years old) never say never... but now that im 3 1/2 months along its getting harder to focus on eating those green apple slices instead of a great big cup of bops ice cream.. i feel ya on the eating bit.. BUT ill try to do some extra walking.. i would love to get up with you and see what kind of exercising you did while pregnant with lillian.. i laughed so hard when i scrolled down and saw that picture where robert put lillian on the ground.. i didnt know what to expect, but that was priceless... give them kisses for us.. we miss you guys.. please call me sometime.. love amy


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  8. I love that Robert toted her around in a game of football and then laid her down! CRACKS ME UP!!! Could you imagine your response if that were Olivia? haha I thought the second one had a life on the edge - watch out #3! No wonder she screams at you people. haha Just kidding. :)

    Sorry for your loss - Ole Miss game. :( Annie is way more of a fan than I expected. She is really had me laughing lately with all of her football comments. Such fun, isn't it??



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