Saturday, October 13, 2007

Can You Spot the REAL Baby??

I'm so glad that toys we've had for so long are still getting so much use!!! If Lillian's not in them, another baby is. I guess they're playing "church nursery" or something. :-) If I had known they would be played with SO much - I would have gotten them out sooner!! HA!

Olivia was setting up all of this one night. After she had all the babies "content" (including the one she had in her baby sling) she came over to me while I was nursing Lillian and so observantly pointed out, "But your baby cries, and mine don't!" With a big smile on her face. (Can't you just hear it!!) :-)

Yes......yes that's right. And crying is putting it nicely - she screams. She's only finding her little voice in our crazy family!

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  1. What baby wouldn't be happy with all that fun stuff to entertain them with? :)


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