Monday, October 22, 2007

Boo Boo Lip and Tonka Man

Sometimes I think Robert has a little too much fun playing with the kids toys. He always finds ways to play with toys in TOTALLY opposite ways that they are meant to be played with. Whether he's putting on the kids dress up clothes or scaring the baby with a toy phone.....let's just say he's still a kid at heart. For example, he uses a plastic bowling pin as a golf club or baseball bat many a times! And for a ball....well, that's anything laying around him.

Here is Robert scaring Lillian with a toy phone.

Poor thing, she really couldn't make up her mind whether she liked it or not. I mean, it was playing Twinkle Twinkle or something!!! :-) Actually, I think it was louder than she expected!

Leave it up to our Tonka Man to create new ways to play with toys!!! No wonder the kids like him more!!!!

He's gonna kill me for posting this - but that's what he gets for letting me take a picture. Doesn't he know I have a blog.....hehehehehe?


  1. So now I have an idea how JB will be when he is older?? A straw = a baseball bat OR golf club. and those little puff balls you use in craft = a baseball or golf ball.
    I have found JB holding the dangling string from the blinds (with the little ball like dealy) in one hand and a drumstick in the other saying "Wook at me mom, I pway baseball"! :)

  2. Hi! This is Carla Henley (mom of Connor Logan Henley who you have been praying for). :) I saw your comment a while back on Page's page, but hadn't gotten a chance to tell you THANK YOU! I really appreciate you cooking us dinner and for all of your prayers! Connor is beyond awesome and the power of prayer is evident to me in his every smile! God Bless You! Carla Henley

  3. I think it's great that Robert likes to get on the kids level and enjoys what they enjoy! What a great daddy!!!


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