Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sling This!!!

My family knows I love to sew! That is - when I have time! Before Lillian was born, I got really into sewing clothes for the kids. Little dresses for Olivia and John-John's for Landon! Here are some pictures!

Those are the "matching outfits". And they're reversible with each of their initials on the other side!

Here are some more - Landon's is reversible with blue and white stripes with his initials in red on it!

I've had a TON of fun making outfits for them. Hopefully I can learn how to smock some and make some dresses for my two girlies!!

Well, my latest sewing project is something for Lillian. After having her, I started reading a lot about babywearing. This is a huge topic in the mommy/baby world! I found tons of info and articles on babywearing. Basically, it goes back many of years to when mothers wrapped their babies in slings around their bodies so that they could keep working and still have 2 hands free! Well, they've modified them them these days and they are much more "hip".

I researched buying a sling on the internet and realized they ranged between $50 and $75 - and on the cheap end!!! Well, I didn't want to fork over that money unless I knew I was going to use it! So I found a pattern online! Well, I made one in about 30 minutes the other day!! I even had time to make Olivia a sling for her baby dolls! (I actually made the dress she has on in this picture too!)

I think I was stopped 3 times today in 45 minutes at the mall by people asking me about my sling! It's so nice! Of course, Lillian LOVES it - being all snuggled up! And then I get to have my two hands free! It also means no double stroller - which is practically a child limousine, and quite hard to navigate sometimes!

This also can hold a child on your hip sitting up. As if you were holding them with your hand but this is hands free! SO COOL!! My craftiness finally came in handy! I may even start making these for friends as gifts! They are proving very useful in my life!!

Oh, about the other night when Robert was gone - all the kids slept through the night and in LATER than they normally do!! Figures! But did I sleep - NOOOO. I guess I just knew Robert wasn't home and couldn't quite settle in. What can I say! I actually had to wait on Lillian to wake up to feed her!

I am counting my blessings!!


  1. Hey Lindsay! I had no idea that you could sew!!! You are sooo great at it! Can you teach me?? I am sooo serious!!! You know there is a small group this semester for smocking. :) You have done such a great job! And I love your sling. Soooo cool!!! I am enjoying your blog! Love you!

  2. Hey! Great blog and LOVE the sling! I am so impressed!!

    I am SOOOOO glad you joined the blog world. It makes it more fun to have friends do this too. I will add you to my blog in my favorites. Don't stop blogging! I will be checking in on you every day and I expect to see frequent posts! Not too demanding huh? haha

  3. Hi - I found your blog from Mom2My6Pack - just wanted to say that you should think about making slings for new moms ... and what a great idea for making one for your daughter's baby dolls!


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