Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lego box for a bed anyone???

I know I've already posted once today, but was just too funny to pass up writing about!

Lately, Olivia has gotten comfortable picking up Lillian. Sometimes a little too comfortable. But Lillian is stronger now and Olivia is careful. Of course, I'm always around when she is carrying her.

So, Olivia asked me if she could take Lillian in the playroom to play! Well, why not. Olivia laid out a blanket for her and took her in there. Now what she planned on playing with her, I have no idea. But I peaked in and this is what I saw!

They were reading their favorite book, Curious George, to her!! How cute is that! I just love it how enthusiastic they were about wanting to include her. And of course, she loved the attention! Then they wanted to take her in their play house.

Landon is peaking out the window!
Olivia took pillows in there to prop Lillian up! She seemed to like it for a while.

So, now I've started something. That being, wanting to take Lillian in the playroom to "play". After breakfast this morning, of course, Olivia wanted to take her in there again. Well, okay.

This is what I found this time!! :-)


Then covered her up like it was a bed!! Even funnier, Lillian totally didn't mind! That had to be uncomfortable!!

Well, I just burst out laughing when I saw this today! It amazes me what kids come up with sometimes!!!


  1. bless her heart..linds how can i change my user name to lovey? do i have to change my email name? i don't know how i did all this in the first place..i think i put in vickie.rader as my user name (not knowing it would be posted) and then put my regular gmail password in.

  2. I can see HC and JB doing the same. haha

    Is Landon feeling better??? Hope so! We missed ya'll today!


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