Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sweet Landon

So, Robert Landon Jr. Our sweet boy Landon. He was almost born on Olivia's birthday. I was in labor during her birthday party and was pacing around the whole time timing contractions. He made his debut just a little after midnight, and therefore, getting is own day to celebrate!

He cut to the chase right when he was born and peed on the doctor! This fascination with bodily functions has not gone away either! I tell you, it has never crossed Olivia's mind to burp, poot, or anything else and start laughing about it! But somehow, it was already in Landon's genes. Definitely a boy thing! They are born different from the start! As soon as he could, he was playing with baseballs and bats. Never looked twice at a babydoll - that is, unless Olivia creatively sucked him into her "mommy and daddy" game she plays!

He was a great baby, quiet and slept great from the night we brought him home. It seemed to be easier the second time around. I can remember thinking after having Olivia, "How do people do this with other children around?" Well, you just do it. And it's like riding a bike. Nothing surprises you, you know what you've gotten yourself into. And you know that they will eventually sleep through the night! You realize that the baby stage is the "easier" stage. Then they start running and talking! :-)

Now that he's a little older, he loves sports. And of course, as his loving parents, we can tell he's showing signs of being a genius ball player! :-) He can whack a ball, that's for sure! And throw one too! I can't wait until little league!

Lately, I've really enjoyed being at home with Landon when Olivia is at school. I've never had that 'mommy time' with him. He's definitely much different without her around. He's thoughtful, loving, and has many creative, sneaky ways to play with my stuff toys that he finds when Olivia is not around to tattle on him. Like the pinking shears incident - see this post

For a couple of years, he was a momma's boy, but now I think he knows that he and daddy are outnumbered with girls. So he'd rather stick with Robert! For example, he was DETERMINED to help Robert take the trash out the other day. They went around and gathered all the small trash cans (three of them) and tied up the bags. Even though it wasn't trash day, he was practically out the door with the bags before Robert could get a chance to get the big trashcan! He feels the need for 'manly' things now! :-) Little does he know that will probably be the chore he dreads in a few years!

Also, I noticed that after Olivia started school, Landon would whine at me more and wanted to be entertained! He would ask where "yaya" (he still can't say Olivia) is. He pretty much DIDN'T know what to do without her! Kind of sweet, huh. He's slowly teaching himself how to play by himself. Though every now and then he talks me into going outside and playing baseball. He likes it when I pitch it to him. And hits it most of the time!

Again, I can't wait to watch him grow up and to see the awesome things God has in store for him! I know he's going to be a great brother and protect his sisters! They told me at the gym nursery that Landon was constantly checking on Lillian to make sure she was okay. He would also remind them that she was his sister. SO SWEET!

And girls, if he has half the charm of his daddy, he's going to be a heartbreaker!! Get ready!

HA! Just kidding, this photo was taken in Photobooth on a Mac - it distorts you. My sister and I LOVE it! And it funny to get the kids in front too! :-)

Landon is the only one who will actually sit in our lap and let us take funny pictures! Sweet boy! He has no idea how crazy his mother and aunt are!

Ok, back to Landon. He's getting so big now and talking so well ::finally:: and his little personality is getting bigger and bigger! He definitely makes us laugh the most. He's just really fun to watch. He doesn't try to be funny, he just is. Like.....the kid falls on his head all the time. I mean all the time. The thing just leads him to the floor or into door jams on a daily basis! And it's so funny. Because he's not hurt, he usually jumps right up, rubs it and says, 'ouch' and keeps on going! Totally unphased! Of course, we're sitting on the couch crackin' up! Thank goodness he's so hardheaded!

That's him peaking in our kitchen window on a 40 foot ladder! Don't worry, Robert is right behind him.

He's full of life and we just love being around Landon!!

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