Monday, September 24, 2007

Wonderful Anniversary and a Momma's Girl

So.....Robert took me out Friday night for our anniversary! We decided to skip all the Hot n Hots, Daniel Georges, and Bottegas and went for a good ole fashion steakhouse! Fleming's Steakhouse to be specific. We've always seen it there on the hill below the Summit but have never eaten there. Well, it was AWESOME!

As an appetizer, we got a cheese plate with 3 cheeses. It came with prosciutto, salami, dried apricots and blueberries and a mustard sauce! We also have some pinot noir infused Gorgonzola and chardonnay infused cheddar dips (they serve that instead of bread) SO GOOD! We split a 16 oz rib eye and portobello and toasted goat cheese salad! Then of course, their Lava Cake! I almost put the whole thing down, and it wasn't small- I'm definitely a sweets girl! And the dessert was on the house since it was our anniversary.

They asked Robert when he made the reservation if it was a special occasion. So he told them yes, it was our 5 year anniversary. He said the lady was shocked and was like, "Wow, that's a milestone these days!"

Has that what this world has come to?? Five years....and that's a big deal? I would think more like 20 or 25 years was more of a big deal but I guess people don't even make it that far! I must be sheltered or something. My parents have been married 26 years and both my grandparents over 50 years each!

When Robert and I married we just made the decision this was it - through good and bad times. No matter what. We don't even say the word - it's the D-word at our house. Now, that doesn't mean we hate people who have been through a divorce! That's just our personal decision. I can't even imagine what it's like to go through a divorce! Now, don't get me wrong, there are days I hate Robert's guts and he hates mine. But even through that, we can't imagine not being together!

But it was so fun to reminisce about when we met and old times! I don't think we talked about changing a diaper, breastfeeding, or potty training the whole evening!! Each year our anniversary night gets better and better! Thanks Robert, I very much enjoyed our night! Oh, and I love my 'Covet' perfume!! Yum!!! I love smelling nice for you! :-)

So onto Lillian - I've definitely got a Mommy's little girl on my hands right now. She just isn't happy with anyone else! My grandmother kept her Friday night for us and said she screamed the whole time - until we literally walked in the door. And then silence!

And last night, Robert watched her from 5:30 -8:30 while I went to Bible study! And when I walked in the door, he said "Perfect timing - I'm so sick of the crying!" Then as soon as our eyes met, she smiled, cooed and proceeded to be really cute and giggle at me!! For a while too!

She'd look at Robert like, "Sorry!" (sarcastically! - and with a grin on her face!) Then I got up to grab a bite to eat and put her in Robert's lap (for 2 seconds) and she started crying again! But when I got her, she's laughing and cooing!

It's sweet and funny, but I know it's not fun to listen to her cry! She just knows her momma!! I love that about babies - they can literally smell you!

Overall Lillian is an awesome baby. Sleeps through the night in her bed and is generally content during the day. I actually kind of like that she wants me. One day, they're not going to want us to cuddle with them! ;-)


  1. I was talking to a mom with an infant today. She had her little one in the wrap. She said she only uses her wrap in specific situations b/c she didn't want her baby to get so used to Mommy that she couldn't sleep without her. I never thought of that. Poor Lillian! I guess I only see her in coo mode b/c she is with you! haha

    Congrats again on your anniversary, and we have sort of made Flemings our anniversary place since moving here!


  2. i want to cuddle with lillian.....bring me a bottle and let me keep her for a day. i missed out with landon b/c you breast fed him for a i want to make the extra effort ..i love to feed burp and rock to sleep ,lovey


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