Thursday, September 20, 2007

Little Horse Whisperer

So, today Robert took off work to finish a side job he's been working on. He refinished some doors at a friend's farm. This farm is AWESOME. It has tons of animals and ponds to fish on. Robert took Olivia with him (this is the second time) because there is so much for her to do out there. He said she played with the horses almost the whole time. (Almost 8 hours!) She also fished and could go inside and watch TV if she got tired.

So here are some cute pictures of her at the farm!!

Don't ask me why Robert kept taking pictures of her with her dress untied!! :-) She's having to HOLD her dress up!! Silly Daddy, I guess they just don't think about that kind of stuff sometimes.

Robert said these horses would just follow her and let her scratch them. They apparently loved her!!! Maybe we have a little horse girl on our hands!!! YAY!! I would love that!! I'm actually surprised she wasn't a little scared of them.

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