Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What a Weekend!

Well, what a weekend. Recently my cousin emailed me and said, 'you ought to blog about what you do with you have food poisoning and a 16 month old!'. Well, here it is. It all started Friday night when Olivia said her stomach hurt. I hear this on almost a daily basis. So, I took it lightly. Well, 8;00 pm, bedtime at our house, she starts throwing up!!!! Really?! You couldn't do this during the day. You know, kids don't know how to throw up during the day. Their little bodies have this internal throw up clock that thinks to itself, "Are the parents as tired as they can be?? Have their heads hit the pillow yet?" And then it's off!!

So, in between cleaning up and taking care of Olivia at all hours of the night, I was trying to feed Lillian! Robert took over around 2:00 am - while I got up with Lillian!! (THANKS DARLIN') So I had nearly NO sleep! Not to mention I had a cold/sinus thing going on!

I did manage to make it to my friends party (see post below!) and it was really fun. I need some good food and girl time! But I didn't quite get caught up on sleep from the night before Saturday night either!

So Sunday - we're exhausted!! I took Landon to a birthday party and Olivia went with her Daddy to a farm where he was working on some doors!

She got to fish - and caught quite a few I heard!

So, Sunday night, I can't wait to get in my bed, take some nighttime Tylenol medicine for my cold and SLEEP!!! I haven't been this tired since I came home from the hospital!!

Midnight rolls around and my stomach hurts - NOOOOOOOO!!!!! I think I actually said that out loud!! I run to the bathroom and cling to the white porcelain throne the rest of the night.

Robert helped me Monday! I'm not sure what I would have done without him - he was a life saver!!! He made Olivia's lunch and got her off to school. He cooked and cleaned up dinner for the kids and got them to bed for me that night!! My mom took Landon, Olivia was at school, and he brought me Lillian when she needed to eat! I'm still feeling only about 75% good, but it's such a change from yesterday!

I pray that Robert, Lillian and Landon aren't affected by this virus! Or anyone else for that matter! It's awful!! And hopefully I've had my "one big sick" for the year and now I'm on call for all the "little sicks" that kids get in the wintertime!

Now I plan to get back to some fun blogging!!!


  1. OH my!! I am glad you are recovering. I was thinking about you yesterday, not knowing you were worshipping the porecelain god!! I am sorry to hear that! Don't forget - I am here if YOU need me!!

  2. I am so glad you guys are better now!!! What a weekend!!!


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