Friday, September 28, 2007

Things you may not know about me....

I thought I share a few facts, if you will, about my life. These are things that if you know me, you may be surprised to learn about me. :-) Warning: some go way back, but I am a much different person now - thank you Lord!! :-)

1. I used to ride horses competitively. I owned a gray Thoroughbred name Nick. I rode hunter/jumpers - that's the one without the "horn" on the saddle. :-) It's when you wear the fancy riding outfits with tall boots and a helmet and you're judged on how well you take you horse around the course (or jumps). I dearly loved this time of my life and miss it a lot. Maybe one day my kids will do this - although it is extremely time consuming - and expensive. But I will gladly support them in any activity they choose! My awesome mom bent over backwards to get me to the barn and back several times a week. And it wasn't a short drive!

2. I'm a classically trained pianist. I started taking piano when I was in 3rd grade. I entered a pageant during my senior year in high school called Miss Olympian and won, playing Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin. Well, an abbreviated version - the original is over 20 minutes long. Mine was probably 4 minutes. This is one of my favorite songs of all time - it was a crowd pleaser too! I'm sure you all would recognize it - it's played in a lot of movies and commercials. I was also on piano scholarship for 2 years at Ole Miss. Then the Lord decided to take me in a different direction!! :-)

This was the top 10 - I'm in the middle in the back! Sorry so blurry!

Here is a fun tidbit of Rhapsody played by 5 pianos - this is just an AMAZING song. But it gives you an idea! It highlights the main parts of the piece, which includes many of the parts I played!

3. I debated on putting this one in or not, but knowing this is not who I am anymore, I can laugh about it now. I was arrested when I was 16 years old. ::cringing at writing it:: Can you believe that - well, maybe some of you can. HA! Basically I was guilty by association and in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was never charged with anything but I tell you, there is nothing worse than waking your father up and telling him you're in jail! Let's skip to the next one, shall we!! I'm glad the Lord forgives!!

4. When I was at Ole Miss, I played bass in a band that played locally. Talk about FUN!! We played all the classic rock stuff like Led Zeppelin and Guns N Roses, ZZ Top and Allman Brothers. I used a little red bass guitar that the lead guitarist had! We entered a battle of the bands contest at Rhodes College in Memphis and won. The prize was getting to open for the headliner at one of their big music weekends for the school. I can't remember their name right now, but I saw them on Vh1 not too long ago. My signature look was a red cowboy had that I wore with my red bass! I guess I can say also tell you that I play the guitar. That was the only way I could pull off playing the bass! :-)

That's me with the red bass - I promise. I think we were warming up here and that's why I didn't have my hat on! :-)

5. I've had around 12 kidney stones. I lost count after 10. Craziness. The weird part is I don't fit the bill of the "prone type". I got my first one the third day of my freshman year at Ole Miss. It was awful. My mom drove over to Oxford, they had me on the x-ray table doped up on pain medicine and I was discharged the next day! Anyway, that began my years of kidney stones. I had one when I was pregnant with Olivia. A couple more after she was born. I had 4 when I was pregnant with Landon and a few afterwards. I've only had one that they've had to go in and get. Luckily, none with the last pregnancy and no pain in a while! I tell you, there is NOTHING like renal colic in the middle of the night - they say it's worse than labor. I think it's a draw!

6. This one my sister reminded me of! (Thanks Lacey!) I used to have 8 piercings! Five in my ears - one in upper ear lobe, my bellybutton and tongue pierced! I had totally forgotten about that. That was my way of being rebellious without tattooing myself. My logic was, I can take it out, it's not permanent. I did come close to getting a tattoo one time though. But I could hear my father say, "All of my patients that I operate on and have tattoos - every one of them regrets it!!" There are some really cool tattoos out there. I think that are places on your body that are better than other places. Now I only have the holes in my ears for earrings. Though, when I was big pregnant, Olivia noticed the hole in my bellybutton and asked me what it was. I don't think I answered her! :-)

7. Ok, did anyone see the season premiere of The Office last night. That must have been the FUNNIEST one EVER!! I was hysterically laughing by myself, out loud, in bed! (Robert had a softball game!) Real quick recap - Michael hit one of his employees with his car while he was parking for work!
BUT, maybe it's funny to me because it hits a little too close to home! This is another one I debated about putting but not many people have done this. And again, it was so long ago it's a little funny now. Ok, I used to drive a Suburban in high school. I took 6 or 7 people to school. It was fun and BIG. One day, I was cutting a corner in the school parking lot and I had some big dark sunglasses on and well........I hit a student. Yes, I saw his butt and feet fly through the air (his sandals went flying too). Luckily I wasn't going that fast - I had just started to accelerate. But I was calm enough to get out of the car, check on him, wait for someone to come sit with him, call 9-1-1, call my mom and dad, and then go into hysterics! It was the most embarrassing day of my life! So many fire trucks and ambulances turned up. I really got mad when the news trucks showed up. But, he was ok, minor injuries. I made him a pound cake and took it to him a few days later - it was awkward. I was reminded of that accident every day until we got rid of the Suburban - my parents never fixed the dent in the hood. I also want to say that besides this incident, my driving record is squeaky clean! This was just one of those freak accidents!

Well, I think that's enough of them. It's been really funny to think about things in my past! I'm sure I have many other things my friends would be surprised about too! My how we change and grow up!


  1. Wow were we badly behaved or what? Maturity is a wonderful thing!
    P.S. I could listen to you play that song for hours!!

  2. ok that was exhausting reading about your escapades..i learned so much during those years.


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