Friday, August 31, 2007

Jackpot at Walmart!

So, it's Friday night and we were supposed to go out of town. Well, things didn't work out as planned, so we stayed home. Robert still had some commitments out of town and he has now left me at home with 3 kids under 4 1/2 for the first time overnight!!!! ::jaw dropping:: So, I knew had to find something to keep the kids occupied! Well, Walmart here I come! I could walk around there for hours. And even better, my kids could walk around for even longer! What would we mom's do with out a Walmart!

Well, my favorite shopping time of the year is when the seasons change and literally all the stores have clearances. Walmart clearance aisles - here we come!! So my daughter knows that I like good deals. And she now has learned that "good deals" come with a colored price tag. For example, at Brunos's they are purple tags hanging from the clearance items and Parisians, it's yellow tags on top of the racks. Theses tags usually mean more way more than 50% off!

So we're in Walmart killing time. I've put Lillian in the baby sling around me and the other two are in the cart. And Olivia asks me, "What color are we looking for, Mommy?" I responded, "RED baby!!" I'm smiling, hoping that I am slowly training her to be good with money and recognize a SALE!!!

Well, we migrate back to the toy section and there are about 4 isles with RED tags saying CLEARANCE! Can we say, jackpot??? I think the kids thought it was Christmas. Even better, there was a man with a huge white beard, red shirt, and red pants with suspenders walking around the toy section - NO KIDDING. Well, what do you think they said OUT LOUD??

"Hey, that man looks like SANTA CLAUS!!!?" so loud that I can hear people around me chuckle!

He just turned around and smiled.

So this is what we took home! Fun things to keep them occupied while Daddy is away!

And poor Lillian - she was just hanging out on a pillow on the couch! Of course happy as can be!

Thank goodness she is such a good baby!! I think she knew life wasn't going to slow down much for her in my tummy!!!

Well, I'm off to try to get some sleep tonight - yeah, we'll see how that goes!!

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  1. i'm so proud of you..i'm praying for you to respond ,reactand see these children and robert as jesus does xoxo mom


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