Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Survived School!

Well, my little girl started school!! She only goes 3 half day a week but I still felt like I was sending her off!! The first day she was really nervous and we had to kind of pull her through the doorways of the school! But hearing what she thought when I picked her up made me feel so much better! She really enjoyed it! I'm so glad that she has something that's "hers" that she can bring back into the family! School is something she gets to enjoy with out mommy or brothers and sisters! It's been fun to see what she brings home! I even got to see her play duck duck goose when I picked her up the other day! It was SOOOO cute! All these tiny kids running around chasing each other while still trying to keep their circle! But I got to witness Olivia's interaction with her schoolmates and even her teacher! There was something so cute about her addressing her teacher "Mrs. Ousley". She's growing up!!

I'm also enjoying time with my son when my daughter is at school. He is totally different when she isn't around. But, boy, you put them together and there are fireworks!! They really fire each other up. Sometimes it's cute and they're playing really well, and then all the sudden I'm chasing them and putting them in timeout! But my little boy is so sweet and thoughtful! After lunch the other day without sister, he got down out of his chair, scraped his plate and put his fork and plate in the dishwasher!!! WITHOUT BEING ASKED!! Now, this is not something that I've been "working" on them with or even expect out of him yet! I just praised him and told him how proud I was for cleaning up his plate! He was so proud of himself! I really think he got the "clean gene". He also really likes to put stuff away out of the dishwasher!

Anyway, I've enjoyed embarking on this new chapter of life called school! I'm nervous at the same time. I've never had to deal with other parents or teachers on a regular basis like this. What if some conflict arises? I hate conflict. What if I don't agree with something that is going on? How to I handle it if my child gets in trouble? All things that I'm sure I will encounter. I guess I'm still growing up too!

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