Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tidal Pool Day

The second to last day at the beach, there was a huge tidal pool between the condo and the waves. There was a red flag and you could tell the ocean was super stirred up. But the little tidal pool "river" was a huge hit for the kids. I remember loving when this happened when I was little, and remembering that it was also pretty rare.

 Rhodes did a little boogie boarding.

The kid enjoyed feeding (and chasing) the seagulls. 

We strutted our stuff up and down this little "river". 

Landon enjoyed trying to surf on this boogie board.  He was really good at it in the pool!

Boogie boarding on the waves was SUPER fun too.  I even got in on the action and had to go a few times.  Been a long time since I've done it!

One lady walked by Lillian one day and said, "Next Miss America!"

She was quite the little diva on the beach.  Sometime prancing up and down the beach.  Holding her hands out and even pointing her toes some times.  Hi-larious to watch.  And to watch others watching her. 

We even witnessed a beach wedding next to us.  Kinda funny watching these people commit the rest of their lives together with people playing on either side of them. 

And other peoples toys are ALWAYS more fun than our own.  Thankfully they didn't mind Lillian chillin' in their pool for a while.

GOLF!  Rhodes chased the ball all over the place!!

Shaved ice is a MUST!

That's the end of the beach pics I took!  The last day we stayed on the beach until 5:30 then went to Harry T's and watched some boats come in!

I do have some cute phone pics I'm gonna post.  Can't have my camera on me all the time!! :-)

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