Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Family, Friends, and Fun

The lake wasn't just about the kids wake boarding the whole time.  :)  We also have friends and family down.  Robert's brother and his fiance (of 2 weeks) got to come!  SO great to see them, hangout with them, and hear all the fun details of their engagement!!

The kids miss Uncle Kyle and LOVED having him around!

We also did a little go carting.

Sweet AR just hung out the whole time!!


Andrew is having lasik on Friday so he's had to wear his glasses for the 2 weeks before.  He's got these sunglasses that go OVER his glasses.  I don't think anyone can take him seriously with them on.  :-)

Tubing with Uncle Kyle.

I got to tube the was FUN to say the least.  :)  I even went a little easy on them.

As soon as we pulled in from tubing, the sky opened up and it poured rain for like 15 minutes.  The kids love swimming in the rain!

Sunday we had to say goodbyes.  :(

The newly engaged couple and all the kiddos!   We loved having y'all!  Can't wait to celebrate y'all next year!

Ok, I cannot believe I'm posting this next picture.  Well, I can because everyone else looks good in it.  But I still have my "travel pjs" on (i.e. cute pjs i wear on trips instead of what i wear at home) and not a stitch of makeup, and my hair is un-brushed and pulled up in a bun.  And I'm sportin' a nice sunglasses tan too.  I could have at least put my bathing suit on!

But, here we all are!

I think that pic of me wins "the most embarrassing picture I've posted of myself online" EVER!  But it's just too cute of everyone else, so I'm willing to sacrifice a little.  :)

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  1. Hahaha I love that you posted that! Keepin' it real.


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