Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Iphone Dump: Beach Edition!

I can't believe I take so many pics with my phone.  Seriously, I think I mentally made fun of people who did...but I seem to have hundreds.  And my "iphone pics" folder is filling up fast on my computer.

Anywho, here are my top pics from the beach...

Floating away...he is hilarious in the pool.  He just floats and floats.  And gets around pretty well!

Trying to figure out this beach thing.

Daddy and the cheerleader pose.

One strong daddy!

We taught the kids how to play spoons.  It was so fun!  Brings back fun memories!

On one of the rainy days, we went to Bass Pro Shop and spotted Landon on one of the toys!  It's so fun still spotting them. 

So Rhodes is potty training himself.  I've never had a kid do this.  Even last night, after bath, he said "tee tee potty".  Then undressed himself, took his *still dry* diaper off, got on the potty and went tee tee.  I almost don't know what to do.  But I'm not holding my breath for him to be fully trained for a while.  I'm not quite ready yet...even though he might be getting there.  He also enjoys flushing and saying "bye bye tee tee!"

SOAKED after the bumper boats.

Headed out to Baytowne Wharf!

I rode the *FAST* merry go round with Lillian and Rhodes.

Landon and Daddy on the high ropes course!

Tidal pool!

Surfer dude!

One night we stayed out on the beach until 8:00!!  Then came in and cooked some fish and shrimp.   So after we put Rhodes and Lillian to bed,  we gave the kids a shrimp peeling lesson!

Tiger who?

Shaved ice is YUMMY!

Pool at the beach....

Last night!

Crab dip at Harry T's!


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  1. that sweet little boy on the potty is hilarious!! looks like a great time!!


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