Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beach Pics!

After 2 days of storms at the beach, we were finally able to have a few consecutive pretty days. 

The first day I put a shorts bathing suit on Rhodes.  But then, I just left him in his speedo the rest of the time.  And it was so stinkin' cute.

It's ACTUALLY a "swim diaper".   It's made by OP and I found it at Walmart for $5.00.  I stopped buying the other swim diapers...that are $10/pack.  !!??!?  The $5 swim diaper works BETTER than the throw away ones.  If they go to the bathroom in it (#2), it holds it all in.  Then I just run into the bathroom, dump it in the toilet, clean him up with toilet paper, and wash the swim diaper with water and soap.  Voila!  I just wish I discovered theses with child #1 instead of #4.  Oh the $$ I could have saved on swim diapers!

One afternoon we saw this guy blowing this huge thing up.  It was taking forever and then he put it up in the sky.  To me, it looked pretty dangerous to do on a crowded beach, but he obviously knew what he was doing.

It's called windsurfing?  I think?  It was pretty cool.  I could see Robert doing it one day.  ;-)

Typical Daddy fashion!

You mean you don't wear your baby on your head?

We went crabbing one night.  Caught none, but the fun part it just looking, right?


  1. I've been looking at some of those swim diapers...might go ahead and do it now, with your recommendation. Love all the cute pics!

  2. I have a great Nikon camera, but I REALLLLLLY want your camera! Maybe I just need some lessons! You take the BEST pictures :)

  3. Your pictures are amazing! I love all the colors you captured. The action shots are my favorite.

  4. OOOH! Thanks for the swim diaper info! I hope they have some left!

  5. Best pictures ever!!! Robert is such a fun dad!! I can't get over how much of a little lady Olivia is turning into! It seems like yesterday she was born. Miss you guys!


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