Friday, August 19, 2011

A Boy and a Hose

A couple of weeks ago Robert was out washing cars with the boys.  Well, give Rhodes and hose, and he is happy as can be.  Shocking right?

He went to town!!

Love his face here....gonna get Daddy!

He stayed well entertained for quite a while.

You may have notice the big boy underwear.  NO, I am NOT potty training.  Will Rhodes go in the potty and stay dry for a while.  YES.  Will he poop in the potty?  YES.  Is he probably ready to be fairly well potty trained?  Probably.  Is Mommy ready to make lots of bathroom stops out and about right now and clean up accidents??  Big.Fat.No. 

My personal preference to potty training is to wait it out.  Wait til they are SUPER ready and then it's SUPER fast to potty train.  I pushed Olivia when she was two and it was just a drawn out process and made for lots of cleaning up accidents.  I waited with Landon until he was 3 and then he was done in a couple days.  Can't remember quite potty training Lillian, but I waited and she was also pretty independent and was done pretty quickly.  I've never had a child WANT to go so early, but I'm gonna wait it out a bit longer.  And if my experience proves right, he'll be trained quickly and fully!

Every so often we let him run around with underwear on and sometimes find him on the potty.  It's more just for fun. 

Even though I look forward to being diaper free (don't even know what that's like!!!) I'm in no rush.  And with couponing, I can get them so cheap, it's not a huge expense.  In fact, today, I will be getting a jumbo pack of Huggies from CVS for $2.99 (on sale for $8.99) with 2 $3.00 coupons.  Once CVS coupon and one manufacturer coupon.  SCORE!!!

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  1. I'll be doing the same CVS deal! He is precious! And still looks so much like a baby. Fun!


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