Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last Days of Summer iPhone Dump!

I've been a little under the weather and add that to winding down to school starting up makes for some interesting days.  BUT, none the less, here are some snippets of our last few days of summer, all courtesy of instagram!

We bowled....Rhodes amused himself over the ball fan. 

We constructed things at Home Depot.

We had a date night!!!!! YAY for those!!

Lots of zoo trips when we had a glimpse of fall.

Seriously thought this thing was going to reach over and nibble on me.  Beady little eyes.....

I HIGHLY recommend the lion training at the zoo.  Amazing!  And he just became a father to 5 little cubs and they should be putting them out soon!!  Can't wait!!

So until this picture, I used to be able to put Rhodes down in Robert's office for nap in a pack n play.  Well, he kept getting out over and over.  I kept correcting and putting him back in.  Well, when I thought he was all done getting out and had fallen asleep, I go down to check on him.  NOPE.  The door is open and he's not in the pack in play.

He was in the playroom.  Asleep.  On a book.  Little booger.  And I was NOT about to wake him up.  Plus he took an incredibly long nap.  Go figure.  Needless to say, we're looking for a twin bed for him.  This is the longest we've waited to put a kid in a twin bed!  Can't wait to be crib free!! :)

We did some more lake trips!

The girls!  My future sister in law Sarah and good friend Rainer!!


I don't know why, but I think it's the funniest thing when Robert brushes Rhodes' teeth. 

Someday, somebody doesn't take a long nap, so we cuddle on the couch. 

More swimming with friends.  Nothing beats the heat like an ice cream break while swimming!

Olivia's great grandmother taught her how to knit!  We are working on it some more!  She's not quite as teachable from me as I think she was from her great grandmother. ;-)

Love it when the kids curl up together.  Even if it's to watch one of them play super mario brothers!

Spy Kids 4 with friends.  And there will definitely be a spy kids 5.  ;)

We're still spotting Shindigs Catering Truck all around!  The had a yummy brunch this day!

Even hung around to get our face painted. 

And then one more swim party before school starts!!

Tomorrow's the day!  First day of school!  I can definitely say I'm ready for some structure/routine that school and fall brings us.  Landon is also playing baseball and I'm super excited to hang with all my ball park friends again!!

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