Thursday, January 8, 2009

My New Project

So I recently took on a quick project that I've been wanting to do for a while. I don't know what's taken me so long, but I wish I had started sooner.

I was never one to print many pictures out before we really went digital. And then, when we finally went digital full time, we hardly ever had the prints in our hands. Well, then I realized that I really wanted them in picture albums. You know, the ones we can actually hold in our hands and look at.

So over the Christmas break, I started printing out pictures for less than 10 cents a piece. Which I thought was pretty good. (though I've heard of it going cheaper) Well, little did I realize how many pictures we had sitting out in cyberspace.


So I bought my albums and went to town making my piles on our dining room table. Piles that only I knew what they meant. That meant no friends to dinner until I could get the the table cleared.

(and this isn't even half of them!)

You ask why I didn't make digital photobooks? Well, I ran some numbers in my head and figured I could get a LOT more pictures into the binders that I wanted, and with CVS sales on pictures and coupons, I could get the prints for pretty cheap. Plus, I'm not sure if I could put the amount of pictures I want/have into one digital book. Or it would run me $100's!! I've done this for pretty cheap so far.

But I'm pretty excited to get this going. Once I'm up-to-date chronologically, I'll then print monthly and stick them in!

It's been SO much fun going back through all the pictures. Seeing all the kids when they were babies brings back so many memories. Not to mention the pictures I found in our college days. Those just might have to stay stashed away in a box. I'm not sure they're album worthy!

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