Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Motherland

Of parks, that is. And we found it.

I had heard through the grapevine about this park with an incredible tower and HUGE slides. It sounded SO much fun and a like a much needed change of scenery for my kids. So we made the short trek to test it out. I'm still in awe how awesome it was. It puts all other parks in town to shame!! And somebody's been keeping it a secret!!!

I couldn't back up enough to capture the awesomeness of this park.

It had a merry-go-round. You don't see those too much anymore.

But the slides. Oh the slides. I mean, I was really tempted to try them out. But the sign said the cutoff age was 12. Oh well. But we sure sent the kids up to test them. Even Lillian made it down the biggest slide once! Crazy girl.

Here she is coming out the second highest slide. Yes, second highest. There is one that starts even higher than you see in the picture. (You can see it in the first pic) That one, she came out headfirst and upside down. And it didn't phase her a bit. She ran right back up the tower!!! It did make me a bit nervous, but Olivia was right there with her the whole time.

It was definitely more of an older kids park, even though it had a great 'baby' area. We will definitely be going back. And if you live in town, and want to know where it is, shoot me an email and I'll give the "secret" directions. I'm telling you, the people in this town are doing a great job of keeping it under wraps!


  1. Alright...I have to know...I emailed you!
    that is awesome!

  2. I'm a (nice) blog stalker. :)Found your blog off the Baxley's. I know Charlie. I don't have your e-mail but would love to know where this is! Looks perfect!

  3. SO COOL! I know nothing of this "mystery park" with all its fancy slides and merry-go-round. How have we been missing this?! Do share, my friend. Tristan would LOVE it!

  4. is this one near leeds?

  5. My boys love this park! The little creek that runs through there is where we caught our fish, God rest his soul. He did live for like 8 months though!
    Great pics! Lots of fun!

  6. OMG I have to know where this is. My God-kids would love it. Please share

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  8. Hi Kelly, I'd love to tell you where it is...can you shoot me an email..you can find it in the sidebar! Thanks!


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