Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good Gravy!!!

I just checked my stat counter and I have shattered my "record" (if you will) for number of visitors to my blog. Holy cow...who are all you people. Actually, it doesn't matter to me who reads this. It's all more for me than you people. But I still got a little shiver down my spine when I saw how many people looked at my blog yesterday alone. I won't share numbers, because it may not be a big number to you (it's huge to me). But thanks, I guess.

Let's see....oh, I really appreciate all the really sweet comments people left yesterday. Thank you for the encouragement and support. Like I said yesterday, we're excited to see what's going on. Hopefully, Robert will have a synopsis soon. He writes so well (unlike me), and you may or may not be wanting some details....which I'm assuming he'll provide a few.

I will say that some perks of him being 'around' more (I use that loosely because he is out and about doin' his thang) is that he's able to help out a little. Dinnertime last night was seamless and went down without a hitch! Cleanup was a breeze and the kids were down with no parental units raising their voices. I mean, not like we ever raise our voices or anything. I'm just sayin'.

So I can't say this whole transition is going badly...so far. :-)

On a side note about that last picture, I had a mom yesterday ask me about baby-proofing her house for her 20 month old. I told her I really try to "house-proof" the baby not baby-proof the house (except for life/death things). Anyway, I started thinking about it and I've never really baby-proofed anything for any of my kids. Probably some with Olivia, but I didn't go around and get all those contraptions for the door handles, cabinets, toilets, etc.

So, in that picture of Lillian sitting underneath our sink....you see that little rubber band hanging on the left handle (that should be around both knobs). THAT'S how I baby-proof. And I guess it isn't working too well.


  1. Too cute. That's how I've done it. A little with Josiah but not the other two. I also do the rubberband thing under the sink. I don't have it on there anymore though. However, Maleah is such a messer and makes SO many messes that I thought she is the one I should've baby proofed the house for. Oh well, Jace will be here soon and we'll see how he does I guess. Glad to hear your spirits are high. BTW how do you check stats?

  2. OK, so I'm so happy to hear someone else say they don't baby-proof their house, but they house-proof the baby...I've always thought that's the way it should be. That's the way my parents did me! At least I know that before Joe and I start on this journey of parenthood, that mindset has worked for someone!

    Also, you and Robert are in my thoughts and prayers. Again, you are an amazing person to have such high spirits through something like this. You truly are an inspiration in so many ways!

  3. I LOVE the picture of Lillian! Too cute!

  4. That's hilarious!!! I HAD to baby proof the house. But only b/c my son is extremely curious and I didn't want to clean up the messes I knew he'd make. My sister-in-law laughed at me b/c I had those door knob things on practically every door in the house. The kid won't eat anything that isn't a hot dog or chicken nugget, so I wasn't worried about his safety, just tried to contain the mess knew he'd make. Now my daughter, well, we'll just have to see what she gets into. And she's a stubborn one!


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