Monday, January 5, 2009

Daddy's Disclosures

Looking Ahead into 2009

As we close the books on another year, it is nice to reflect on the Profits and Losses of 2008. Did the resources we used in 2008(time, money, actions and words) yield a profit? Did we overspend in certain areas and underspend in others? Are we increasing our eternal gains or our earthly gains? Are we focusing our attention in areas that are meaningful?

On January 1, 2009, to ring in the New Year, the first thing Lindsay and I did was discuss and set our 2009 household budget, went over our monthly cash flow and set goals for our finances, our family and personally. I know, I know, what a dork. It may seem a bit prude to do such a thing on a holiday but the tone it sets for the year is great! For this to be the first thing we did on the first day of a new year was awesome! I am so happy that Lindsay participated and it showed that she really cares about our financial well-being and future. My wife rocks! Finally, to keep our eyes on the future and to have goals is the only way that we will get anywhere in this life. My wife rocks!

Happy New Year.

A Few Goals

Stick to the budget
Save X$
Invest X$
Paydown Debt

Have a weekly Date Night
Take an overnight trip

Workout 3X/week
Blog regularly on Lindsay’s Blog
Read one Book per Quarter
Home earlier on workdays

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  1. Glad to know T and I aren't the only "dorks" out there...we did the SAME thing! Too funny! Good for y'all!


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