Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Clothes for RAM....!?!?!

Yes, it's official. I'm coming out as a self-proclaimed computer geek. It's new to some, but I've always kinda been a computer nerd. In my "pre-Robert" days, I was the one all my friends and family went to for computer issues. Especially with PCs. I remember all my hallmates in my freshman dorm practically paying me to fix their computers. (I actually received a really nice gift from one girl!)

Anyway, then I met Robert and he took over all the computer fixin'. Bless his heart...we've had enough of them!

BUT then...dun...dun..dun....I got a Mac. And hated it. I mean, everyone I talked to LOVED them. So we caved when my PC finally gave in and went for Apple!

For a year, I swore up and down I was going to sell it. I couldn't get it organized and never knew where to put anything...files that is. Even some applications weren't compatible with my "cool" new Mac. (yeah right) But I hung in there. Through thick and thin. (We've been through a lot!!).

Finally, one day, I buckled down and was determined to figure out how to make this Mac work for me. Yes, I have put the hours in. I've ignored my kids, housework, and myself. But about a year after buying our Mac...I fell in love!!! forward to this past Christmas. My beloved Mac had gotten a little slow on me. I researched and researched how to solve this problem. External hard drive - CHECK! Deleted everything unnecessary - CHECK!! Still s....l....o.....w. And!!

Sad, I know. Internet is up there with air to me.

After much thought and research (and guidance from my computer-savvy husband), we concluded that my sweet Mac just needed a little extra RAM that is! order to get this much desired effect on my computer, listen ladies.... I traded clothes in for 2 Gigs of RAM for my computer!!! Now that is computer dedication!!! Clothes people!!!! HELLO!??! CLOTHES!!! for RAM!! make my computer faster and more responsive!

And to add to all of my "RAM excitement", I also bought (with Christmas $$) a DVI to DVI cord. Ok, so I know I'm speaking gibberish to some people, but that just makes my monitor an HD monitor. So I can see all my pretty babies in the pictures I take of them crystal clear!

So, farewell, my 512 MB of RAM. We've had some great memories together. But....I've moved on. I'm afraid you won't be badly missed. Because my 2 gigabyte's are really gettin' the job done.

And not to be outdone by my frugal side, I researched and researched how cheap I could get 1G of RAM. I found it on sale at Circuit City for $19.99 and price-matched it at Best Buy. Ok, at Best Buy, it was priced at $79.99 ....the exact same RAM!!! I saved $60!!!!!! (I think even the managers were impressed!!) Talk about spendin' my xmas $$ wisely!!! hehe (it never hurts to do your research!!!)

And just to even things out, the rest of my xmas $ went to tires. YUP, tires I don't even drive on. But it had to be done. :-)

How did you spend any extra Christmas cash??


  1. I can't believe you got computer parts instead of clothes! That's pretty funny!
    I got a macbook for Christmas and have no clue how to do anything on it other than go to the internet. Maybe you can teach me!!

  2. As a fellow computer nerd I am very proud of your computer dedication!

  3. okay, you just made my brain hurt. I am a wanna be computer nerd trapped in an artist's body. HA I am amazed that I understood some of that though. We got a Mac one year ago in Nov. I went through the same feelings. I tried selling it on ebay, but realized I would lose to much $$. But, anyway, what Mac do you have... I have the MacBook Pro. I just had to get an external harddrive. Maybe I should also add some RAM.


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