Thursday, January 29, 2009

Club Pub

Another great week of savings for me at Publix! And you better bet I handed my $5.oo off coupon to the cashier FIRST! No more forgettin' that baby!

Total before coupons/sales: $102.18

Coupons: $31.05
Sales: $42.39

Total Out of Pocket: $28.74

Total Savings: $73.44

I like to save at least as much as I spend. But if I can double what I spent on savings...EVEN BETTER! (And I wasn't too far from tripling what I spent on savings!) I spent about $0.97 per item. Even better than last week!! :-)

I got the Velveeta for $0.80! (I wish I had more coupons for that). The hummus a $1.00, cereal $0.99 each, voila frozen veggie meals $1.49 each, spicy mustard $0.54 each, tomatoes $0.30 each, chex mix $0.24 each, wheat thins $0.59, triscuits $0.60, seasoning mixes $0.44 each, all the bratwurst (Robert LOVES) were $1.71 per package! I didn't have coupons for the pretzels (just wanted them) or the ketchup (needed it but it was BOGO).

I feel very good about this purchase. Pretty sure nothing is going to be wasted. Now I'm just waiting for some rock bottom prices on meat to restock on. Gettin' a little low on ground beef. :-)


  1. oh my gosh. you are amazing. i do really well one week then totally forget about coupons/savings the next. then i just get annoyed with myself. ha ha. how do you have time to do it all??!

  2. you rock. period. nothing more to say on the matter. :)

  3. I must admit I am rather amazed by you. Wow.

  4. Are those birds eye voila meals good? I was going to try them but i figured i would ask?

  5. YESSSS :) I have been so frustrated and confused and irritated that I cannot understand this danged coupon thing! BUT! Did Walgreens last night, and got $8 back, and out of pocket spend $15! Not bad for a first timer, NOW If i could figure out CVS, Publix and Walmart :)

  6. YOU. ARE. AWESOME. i am working on it...and i relaly don't understand you you do so well with 3 little ones....ican't completely wrap my head around it...and i only have 2!!! way to go!!! bTW< i LOOOOOVE that chex mix...could eat the entire bag!


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