Friday, December 5, 2008

Shell to Shell


I just witnessed, last night, one of THE COOLEST things in my hermit crab owning days. I know, stupid. But every since Robert was emailing me interesting articles about owning hermit crabs, and buying it a new shell, I've become pretty fascinated with this little creature.

So 3 more shells were added to it's cage (thanks to the people who gave us the crab....achhemmm..grandparents!). After checking them out for maybe and hour and a half, I could tell that he was really interested in this one white shell. So....I sat there, as still as I could for about 20+ minutes. I was going to get a picture of this.

And then lo and behold, he does it!!!

It was so fast too! Then I called the kids in and told them that he changed shells.

As we were watching him, we could tell that he did NOT like the white shell. It seemed a little small for him and he couldn't get all his head and legs in. He started stressing and was trying to get to another shell. Poor thing couldn't get around fast enough.

So we put his original shell back in there and let him go back in. And go back in he did!!

I have been waiting for him to change shells. I don't know why. I guess it's because you don't know what the rest of their body looks like! Well, I know now. The mystery of my hermit crab is gone. But I think we'll still keep him on the counter. :-) He really put on a show for us last night!! haha Who knew a little Destin hermit crab could be SO entertaining.


  1. That is very cool! Makes me want to get Josiah a crab. What do you think Edward would say about that one? LOL!

  2. Very interesting. Doesn't make me want to get one, but I am interested nonetheless. :)
    You got some great shots!


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