Monday, December 8, 2008

The Perfect Tree

The quest for the perfect tree began early Saturday morning!! Every year we eat at IHOP and go pick it out!! The rest of the weekend is filled with cookie and candy house making, decorating the rest of the house too!

Poor Lillian wasn't feeling too hot. She was a trooper though.

Hmmm...what about this one??
This one?
I think Landon has a future Christmas break job when he gets older!! He kept picking up trees all by himself!!!

All the "stuff".

So much fun!!! They did a great job. We haven't even broken any ornaments yet. Or at that I know of at least...amazing. I'm sure one or two will bite the dust by the end of the month!!!

Now my Christmas Spirit is in full swing. I have to say, it took a little longer this year. Maybe it's because Thanksgiving was so late. I didn't have any time to ease into the season. But it's here now and we're enjoying it! And now that EVERY weekend is entirely booked up, it'll fly by even faster!!! SLOW DOWN TIME!!


  1. your kids are precious! i love it how you take pics and document everything! what great memories. after seeing landon with his cup of starbucks (i think in the second pic) i have officially decided he is my kind of kid!!! blessings! -lauren

  2. ...sorry, 2nd christmas tree pic :)

  3. Your house looks wonderful, Lindsay! And it seems the kids had a great time! Merry Christmas!!!

  4. i too enjoyed landon's little addiction!! haha!!! you're so good getting a LIVE tree....we are so lazy...we have had the same artificial pre-lit tree for the past 6 years!!! we both have NOT fond memories of stringing christmas lights as kids- haha!!!

  5. Lindsay -

    It was so nice to finally meet the rest of the family and thanks for letting us intrude on your lunch. You have such cute kids! Hope you all had a good rest of the sunday and keep those bargain trips coming!

  6. Great photos!! I love the first one ... all of you and the MAGIC ELF! :)


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