Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Mom, Look This Way..."

Little boys in general fascinate me so much - especially my little boy. The things go through their little minds are so CRAZY some times. And the things that come out of their mouth - hilarious! They are just so different than little girls (duh). He constantly reminds me how men and women are wired so differently. You know, women are like waffles (we can compartmentalize things) and men are spaghetti noodles (one track minds, basically). Ok, back to my story....Landon did the funniest thing the other night while baking cookies. Now, he's not the first little boy to ever do this, but we've never talked about doing this before. I can only accredit his "little boy mind" to thinking this one up on his own.

All I heard was...."No...Mom, look this way!!!" With his hand up at me like...wait and watch!

Then he proceeded to SNIFF an m&m up on his nostril and hold it there.

My little girls have NEVER though to do this own their own!

Only a boy. (Now if I can have a penny for every time I say that phrase!!!)


  1. LOVE it!!! That is hilarious!

  2. That is fuuny! At least it stayed on the outside! My mom was watching the boys for us a couple of weeks ago and I came home to find out that Sam put an M&M in his nose & couldn't get it back out. My mom had to wait until it melted to get it. Gotta love little boys!

  3. Hilarious!
    It's funny---because I have always heard that Men are like Waffles and Women are like Spaghetti bc men live life in boxes that don't relate to each other and women's thoughts, feelings, issues, are like a bunch of noodles in a bowl....all related and overlapping.

  4. I was just talking to my mom about how Tristan and Asher are always doing gross stuff. She told me, "You said you wanted boys. That's what boys do."
    That's what boys do, indeed!
    Landon's pictures crack me up! :)

  5. i love it! you are absolutely right.. boys are so different than us.. even from the womb!!


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