Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Tree Is Getting Full

This weekend we finished up Christmas shopping!! This year, since the kids are getting older, we decided to take them to buy a present for each other. So the girls and boys divided up and headed out to shop. It was so much fun. Olivia is at a great age to shop with. :-) (I've taught her well...hehe)

Anyway, we came home and it was so much fun to wrap up all the presents and put them under the tree!! I just happened to be sitting on the couch playing with my camera in low light and caught them filling up our tree. They were eagerly stuffing presents all over the if they needed to hide them in the back of the tree. Such sweet, innocent excitement!!

I love watching them get excited about giving presents instead of getting presents!!!

(oh, we made a big deal about not telling each other what they bought....well, within 10 seconds of coming home Landon said, "well, we got Olivia a , but I'm not supposed to tell her". So much for keeping a secret!)

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