Thursday, December 18, 2008

7 Kids + Long Line = Hilarious Santa Picture

Do you ever go visit the mall Santa? Well, we've been visiting this particular Santa since Olivia was almost 2. He actually remembers the older cousins....Abbey's been going since she was born - and she'll be 11 next year!!!! So needless to say, we had to go and visit him again. And we had all 7 grand kids this time - there's a first time for everything!

BUT, when you take 7 kids, wait in line for an hour, and then try to stick all 7 of them on Santa's lap, you're almost guaranteed a hilarious picture. I was lucky enough to snap off a few photographs while the santa photographer tried to get a photograph.

Santa was kinda overwhelmed when we all walked up. He had his own idea of letting them all sit in the chair and him lay on the ground. And he did NOT want the kids holding any of the babies. Who knows....
So we took a few like that....then the crying began. Lillian was fine until the other cousin her age started crying. It was a chain reaction after that. And we could not get ALL the kids to look at the same time.

Then we regrouped on Santa's lap...set Kenzie on (the one crying on his lap) and tried to snap off a decent pic.

That dumbfounded look Landon is giving is the same in the photograph we bought. The only 2 kids actually looking at the camera were Abbey and Brandon. 2 out of 7 ain't bad. :-)

Well, we tried. And that's what counts right?? :-) I wish I could scan in the actual picture that the they took. It may actually be worth the time we stood in line. Because!!

Do you have any funny Santa pictures?


  1. That is pretty funny!
    I think that's one cool Santa. He seems to take it all in stride, much better than the Santa from the Galleria from the past few years. He was probably the least jolly one I've seen. I hear the new one is much better, though. :)
    Tristan has a pic with Santa. He had breakfast with him at Willow Point a couple of weeks ago, but Asher is still without. We may just have to make a trip to the Bass Pro Shop tomorrow. Not too excited about going there, but the pic just may be worth it.
    Thanks for sharing your funny pic!!!

  2. Oh I am actually so jealous that you got such good pictures!! You know I would of had to stay in the bathroom at Dillard's while all of the good stuff was going on!! ha ha..

    Can you say I will never eat at Gatti town again??


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