Wednesday, December 17, 2008

McClellan Family Christmas

Last weekend we packed everyone up and headed to visit Robert's family!! We really enjoy his side of the family because there are lost of little ones aging from 8 months to 10!! So there is always someone to play with!!

We did lots of bake cookies!!

Visited Santa at the mall. (oh, and I gotta a whole lot of pictures on that!) :-)

Visited with cousins!

Opened presents!

Sang Happy Birthday to Jesus!!!

Took some family pictures, of course. :-)

Or tried.
Robert's sister and her family!

Robert's parents and 6 of the 7 grand kids!!

And we played and played with our new toys!!

We had so much fun visiting with everyone! Thank you Mimi and Poppy for having us and for all the AWESOME gifts!!


  1. Oh my gosh. Is that a "turtle" that Landon is riding on?? We wore that thing out as kids!! :)

  2. What great pictures Linds!! We had such a great time with everyone..

    The kids are so photogenic!!

    Im glad that Addison finally got to meet her cousins and Uncle Robert and Aunt Lindsay!!

    (Except for Robert's big "GGrrroooahh" that liked to scared me too!!)

    Thats our uncle Robert!!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun!! So great to visit family! Hope you are having a good week. We have been so busy. Maybe after the New Year we can plan a playdate??

    Talk to you soon!

  4. oh my goodness!! are those roller racers? I dint' know they still made them! I'm going to get one RIGHT NOW!!! (for me of course. I have no children, but someone needs toys, right!?)


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