Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our "Cannycan" House

Probably my most memorable (as long as I can remember) tradition is the candy houses we started decorating with my grand parents. My grandfather build these wooden houses for us to cover with icing and candy!!! So when we started our family, he built us one!! Thanks BB and Sugar!!

We use the "seven minute frosting" and LOTS of candy! I'm pretty sure about half of the candy went into their little tummies but a good bit of it got on the house too!!

We always do the hershey bar door, and ice cream cone "trees" and of course the tootsie roll "logs". But the kids put their own ideas into it too.

Above is the side Landon (and myself...but mostly Landon) decorated!!

Lillian slept through most of the decorating, so we showed it to her after we were done.

This is the side Olivia did. A little neater. :-)

Oh, and Landon calls it the "cannycan" house. I guess I haven't corrected him yet...too cute.


  1. VERY cute! It's so funny you posted this today because that is exactly what I planned to post as one of our Christmas traditions. :)
    Aren't these houses fun?!

    The kiddos did a great job and looked adorable! Loved the jammies. Tristan has the jammies Landon has on, and our niece has the pjs that match Olivia's. My in-laws did their Christmas pics with those jammies, and TJK and ATK had matching (stripes, not polka dots). :) VERY Cute!

  2. Cute!!! Did you see my mom's post that shows the one that we did?! Love this tradition...

  3. I love it!! I hope you guys are ready for some good food and some family time on Saturday.. We can not wait to see yall.. Addison is ready to meet the rest of her family!!

  4. Love it!!! We tried a gingerbread house last year and it did not work out so well. :( Your house looks so cute!

  5. The children look so adorable in these pictures, Lindsay! They just embody Christmas spirit!!!


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