Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thanks Carrie!!

One of my friends Carrie saw I was sewing and suggested a new pattern for Lillian! I had some patterns but she's just do darn tiny they were too big for her. So I ran out and got the Taylor pattern by Children's Corner that she told me about and it's PERFECT!! Thanks so much Carrie for suggesting it - it was SO easy and exactly what I was looking for! I even whipped one up today with scrap fabric. But it turned out so cute I just might have to keep it and monogram it! :-)

I think what is so funny about this story is that Carrie is a newlywed (and no kids yet) and is taking a sewing class to learn how to make kids clothes!! Awesome! She will be very happy with what she learned when she has kids! :-)


  1. You're unbelievable. Adorable!

  2. Adorable!! A great little pattern! I need to remember that one for when #3 comes along. (NO - I am not announcing anything. Just getting baby fever.)

  3. Aww it is precious! So glad you liked it! You are a much faster sewer than i am. It still takes me awhile. By the time I have kids I will be fast hopefully!


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