Tuesday, March 4, 2008

First Thank You Note

Now that Olivia can write all of her ABC's, I thought it would be the perfect time to teach her about writing thank you notes. She received a couple of birthday presents the other day from my dear aunt! :-) So.....I thought this was the perfect time to teach her about thankfulness and the art of writing thank you notes. Growing up, my parents were pretty adamant about us writing thank you notes when appropriate. I hate to admit that I have slacked off a bit, but I still want to instill that quality in my kids.

So, I wrote out a basic note for Olivia to copy. I was teaching her about commas, and spacing you words. Also basic sentence structure and punctuation. It was fun! She was eager to learn it and I was eager to teach her. Then we got to go over how to address an envelope - where the stamp goes, what an address and return address means. Then we sealed it up....of course she had a few drawings to add to the back of the letter!

Then I made her put it in the mail box and put the flag up! How fun!

She was so proud of herself - I just hope my Aunt can read it! She wrote about 3 more too! I guess she was practicing! I love that she loves to learn.

I hope I can teach my kids about being grateful like my parents taught me!


  1. FANTASTIC!!! Great job, Olivia!

  2. Lindsay and Olivia - what a sweet note. I am going to keep it forever!

    Lindsay - great job with your new header! I love it!


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