Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Poison control is officially in my speed dial! Had a little scare Monday. I was at my parent's house (first excuse) and I put Lillian on the ground to go look out the front of the house for Olivia's ride to church. Apparently cleaning supplies were sitting on her ground that I didn't see (second excuse). Two seconds later (isn't that how it always is) I came back to see her with Comet in her hands. She had tried to turn it up like a cup and there was a little powder on her bottom lip.

I immediately scoop her up and proceed to practically drown her in the kitchen sink and rinse her mouth out. Then I ran upstairs to ask 'registered nurse' mother if she thinks I should call poison control. I knew she hadn't ingested A TON of it but still, you can't be too careful.

We called and they asked a few questions then said she'd probably be fine. Just give her some water and watch her, etc.

I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with them. They take your name and number and call you back in an hour to check on the baby!! They were extremely helpful.

I was trying to think if I'd ever called poison control before and I don't think I have. I want to say I recall Olivia eating Desitin before - but I think I called the number on the back of the tube. Can't quite remember.

But I have the number now!! I probably should plug in Children's Hospital number as well. Just in case. :-) Being totally outnumber and only having 2 eyes for 3 kids, something is bound to happen! Guess I'll step up my prayers of protection over my family too. :-)


  1. I just can't believe that we've been so lucky in the past 5 years. We aren't the most paranoid parents. You must be doing something right though....Love, Me

  2. Yikes!! Glad it wasn't serious!! They can sure get into things in seconds can't they?! I think they also like to make sure we have a raised heart rate from time to time! :)


  3. Scary!! I'm glad she is ok!!
    I think I've only had to call poison control once also. Eli had eaten a gerber daisy. =)

  4. That is so scary! I can't imagine!!! I am so glad she's okay.


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