Wednesday, March 19, 2008

For My Girls

I'm not sure if it's the spring weather or the fact that I can even find time to sew again. It could also be because my good friend Morningsong started a sewing blog Pulling Thread.

But I am just itchin' to sew!!! I've been cruisin' the fabric stores but haven't purchased anything. I get so overwhelmed. I think because I don't want to make a poor decision in fabrics!! I'm not the best at putting together fabrics but you just have to get out there and try.

But I had some time "alone" - meaning one child or less - and I got to hit up Hancock Fabrics with sweet Lillian!!! I love all the spring fabrics. The bright colors and patterns - I could literally sew clothes for my girls all day and be happy!!

Horrible picture - the yellow and blue are small polka dots. And the stripes are a pique fabric. Oh well - I'll get a picture when they're done. :-)

So, like my friend's blog Pulling Thread, I bought fabric and have the first step over with.

My goal is to make a reversible dress for Olivia and a reversible bubble for Lillian. I haven't decided on trim or monogramming yet (thinking about pom-poms on Olivia's dress and eyelet on Lillian's bubble at the bottom, with rick rack trim up top). One step at a time. But I can't wait to match them! Next step is to find something that coordinates the three kiddos. It's hard to find gender neutral fabrics in my opinion. Plus girls clothes are SO much more fun to make, partly because I think they enjoy it as well. Olivia loves to see what fabric I've picked out for her. She also adores to match Lillian.

Stay tuned!!!


  1. Lindsey- from my sewing class i took i made the cutest, easiest bubble. i am sure you have a pattern but if you need one let me know!

  2. I just went to Hancock this weekend and found some precious bright prints to make Kate some spring/summer outfits. I need to post some pictures on my blog so folks can see the progress... I just need to sit down and sew and it will happen so fast! I just keep putting it off!

  3. Yay you!! That is sometimes the hardest part - finding the fabric. After that it all seems to just flow! :) What fun (and thanks for all the shout outs!!)!



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