Thursday, March 13, 2008

Are We Nuts???

I think this beautiful weather has gotten to our heads! We've been outside SO much it has forced us to come up with creative ways to entertain ourselves in nature - or at least in our driveway.

We love riding toys - especially ones that can be enjoyed outside of the house! :-) We have a few that the kids really enjoy playing on almost daily. I guess after a while, you are impelled to find new ways of enjoying your "old" toys. Leave it up to my choleric/melancholy husband to propose an extremely safe ::please note the sarcasm:: way to spice up the riding toys.

He built a ramp to ride them over. This is what we got.

Yes, that's my grown husband on a tiny children's bike.

And here are some of the other toys they decided to test over the ramp.

I guess it was fun to take anything that had wheels over this homemade ramp!

Oh, and here's a pic of Lillian - can't leave her out! She's a bit too young to participate in these silly activities!!!

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  1. How much fun! I can't wait to show this to Edward...he's gonna love it! Although it may give him some ideas about Josiah's new bike. LOL!!!


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