Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This Time of Year

It's funny how the changing of seasons bring out different desires of food and activities. At least in my family anyhow. So, ever since it started getting cooler, my body automatically craves things like sausage balls, Santa Fe soup, and roasted root veggies! I never think of eating sausage balls in June - only in the fall/winter! Weird, huh.

Saturday Robert worked a side job (tryin' to earn some cash for the FAST approaching holidays!) and I knew that I had to entertain the kiddos! We decided to make sausage balls and play dough! I knew Olivia would get into it and be able to hand-roll out tons of little balls of sausage, cheese, and Bisquick. But I wasn't sure how much it would hold Landon's attention. Well, he did GREAT!! He actually rolled out about half a pan! So for 3 hours Saturday morning we just cooked away in the kitchen!

We also made homemade playdough! All it is, is 1 cup of flour, 1/2 cup of salt, 2 TBSP Cream of Tarter, 2 TBSP Oil, and 1 cup of water! You cook it over the stove and it just clumps into play dough! SO EASY! We made 4 batches of each color of food coloring that we got! Then I divided each in half so they could play with 4 colors now, and I stashed away the other halves of the colors for when those dry out! This kept them occupied almost all day. And then I know the play dough will come in handy when I need them to sit still for a while at the table while I cook dinner or something!

As far as the roasted root veggies, well, I roasted and acorn squash and sweet potatoes for dinner the other night! YUM!!

I love how our bodies work with the seasons!!

Now if my body would only get in gear for Christmas!!! I realized I wasn't quite ready when I heard "The First Noel" playing in Walmart Saturday morning!! AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!


  1. First I must say - I was expecting your header picture to change. haha Everytime I visit, lately, it has been different. Looks good!

    Second - what fun! I never knew making play doh was so easy?? What is cream of tarted??? Is that easy to find?

  2. We're going to come to your house to play and eat! :)


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