Wednesday, November 21, 2007

People say the weirdest things.....

I know I'm not the only one getting stopped in stores about their kids. But here are a couple I think are funny.

Ok, so I was grocery shopping late in the afternoon at Publix the other day. I had all the kids..duh. Anyways....I was leaning over and checking out the "stinky cheese" (yes, I love 'stinky cheese') and a well dressed man in his business suit comments something to me. Well, I kinda look around to see if he's even talking to me because I definitely wasn't 'inviting' any conversation. So here's how it went.

Man: You deserve an award for this.

Me: (looking around) Are you talking to me?

Man: Yes, you deserve an award for this.

Me: What...for dragging 3 kids to the grocery store at 5:00???? kinda laughing

Man: Yes, and so soon!!!! (I think referencing to the Lillian so young). But I'm sure you're used to it.

Me: Well...yes...but they're pretty good kids. I can take them almost anywhere.

Man: Well, you're doing a great job. I have 20 month old twins and a 8 week old at home!!!!!

Me THINKING: WOW, well, mine aren't that young!!! I've got nothin' on you!!

I just think it's so funny that people are amazed that I bring my kids WITH my where I go. I'm not supposed to cater to my kids, per say. I had kids and brought them into MY life - Robert and I were a family before they were born.

So we made courteous banter for 30 more seconds or so. I think he was mainly empathizing with me on the fact that I even attempted to BRING 3 young kids to the grocery store!!
Well, I must credit the EZZOS and Growing Kids God's Way to the way my kids sometimes act. At least that's the parenting format that I'd like to say I enforce on a daily basis.....but I'm not always that consistent.

Then again in Walmart I was stopped TWICE! ::I mean...does this happen to you moms out there:: Once by a VERY elderly old woman in a "go-ped" that you can ride in while you know what I mean?? Ok, she was in a MUMU (nuf said) and had more facial hair than my husband. The whole time I was thinking..........."Lord, please don't let my kids comment out loud....please don't let my kids comment out loud...." Because I could just hear them blatantly asking her..."Why do you have so much hair on your face...OR...Why are you in that funny cart??"

But she just insisted on grabbing them and telling me how pretty they were. (I actually had a hard time getting away from her - but we just smiled and hopefully were a little bright light in her day). She also had to make sure they were ALL mine and just had to ask if Olivia and Landon were related......another topic in itself.

Then when I was in the check out line, I had another nice elderly woman (she was actually pushing her own cart) come OUT OF HER LINE to tell me how nice and pretty my kids were. I have to say, they were all acting very obedient and courteous at the current time. BUT....

Don't get me wrong...of course I think my kids are GORGEOUS and always well behave ::achhemmm:: ...but I'm a little biased! :-)

And you know what Olivia actually said when we walked away from the woman in the go-ped? She asked me why she had "white hair". Of ALL the questions that girl could have inquired about (because there were many and I was asking myself in my own head) she asked that one.

I responded...well, why do you have brown hair. And we got to discuss how God makes us all different and special. Olivia then proceeded to tell me the girls in her class that have "white hair" - I think she meant blonde.

I just have so many comments thrown my way theses days. Even the salvation army bell ringer comment twice to me. The first time was "BOY, you've got your hands full!"

And I kindly replied...."And so is my heart!"

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  1. I could totally relate to this post. I also have three kids and I get comments ALL the time. I am amazed how people think I am Wonderwoman for taking all three out shopping.
    Don't you love it when you take them all out and they behave and it is an enjoyable experience? The other day we went to Target after nap and it was so much fun! I got lots of looks (the looks this time might have been that my 4 year old was wearing a Hannah Montana wig) and lots of comments about how brave I am to bring them all to Target.
    God gave us theses kids to raise and I think expecting them to behave in public is a big part of raising them.
    It sounds like you have great kids!


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