Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Prune Juice + Fussy Baby = Angel Baby

We were lucky enough to get to go to the lake again this past weekend with my parents and then my sister and her husband! It's so fun when we all get together but it's chaos pretty much the whole time. We all cram in there and with babies, it gets cozy to say the least.

We put Lillian in the den this time and it was much better!! :-) But Saturday, she was super fussy. And I could NOT get her to go down for a nap!! I knew that I had been eating a lot of food I don't eat on a daily basis but I had no clue how to narrow it down to know what was bothering her. At one point I couldn't even get her to eat!! All she would do was arch her back and scream in pain. Well, I know gassy babies (Landon was an extremely gassy baby) and I knew her tummy was hurting her but I didn't know how to help her! I also remember that she hadn't boo-booed in a while.....but I've read that breastfed babies don't get constipated. Ok..........

My sweet father could tell I was reaching my limit - you know that limit before you go off the deep end??? I had tried to go to sleep twice and was woken up by a screaming baby. And let me tell you, that doesn't put you in a great mood! I knew she was tired and that her tummy hurt....but I was failing miserably at attempting to help her!

SO.....he came to me and said, "What can I do??" We sat down and brainstormed. I told my dad she'd probably sleep in the car...that way she'd at least not be too strung out by evening due to lack of sleep. I also mentioned that she hadn't gone to the bathroom in a while.

So Robert and my Dad jumped in the car, loaded up the baby and drove to town! By the time they came back it had been a good hour or so. I had (THANKFULLY) fallen asleep and gotten a good nap. Of course, I woke up a hour and a half later to a crying baby! Sonic ears we mothers have!!!

I was updated on Lillian's condition and they said she slept in the car and they had also given her some apple/prune juice in the parking lot of the grocery store!!! Way to think ahead, Dad!!! Give that stuff time to WORK!!

So when I went and got her after I woke up to her screaming - SHE HAD POOED!!!! You have never seen so many adults get SO excited to see a "BM"!!!! I quickly changed her and it was like NIGHT AND DAY!!

The child turned into cute little angel baby and cooed, laughed and entertained us with her sweet personality that is sometimes masked by very loud screaming!!

Who knew that a little juice could make all the difference in her attitude. But hey, I ain't so happy when my tummy hurts either!! :-) She crashed early that night and even slept through everyone watching the Alabama vs. Auburn game on the 50-something inch TV and I will tell you that we weren't quiet! She was just exhausted!!!


  1. She is gorgeous, Lindsey! She looks like she should be on the cover of a magaine or something...Really!
    I'm glad her little tummy is feeling better. What wonders prune juice can do! =)

  2. Haha "boo booed" that made me laugh. Nothing is worse than a constipated baby! I hope you kept the left over juice in the fridge for next time! She's beautiful. We'll miss you this weekend!!

  3. YAY Lillian!!! I wanted to ask you about the aerobics you were doing with her yesterday!! It was getting results. LOL!!


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