Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"Third Child" Syndrome

Poor third babies....and probably fourth and fifth kids too. I find myself saying or thinking about Lillian, "Oh....she's fine!" all the time! I'm so much more laid back about everything with her. Which I think can be good and bad. The Bad: I think I've only thrown her pacifiers in the dishwasher a handful of times since she's been born. The Good: I know that if she has to cry in her crib while I cook dinner, she's not going to die - or even remember it! :-)

Third babies have to go with the flow. They have no choice! :-) I think Lillian knew that in my tummy. She knew life wasn't going to slow down that much for her when she was born. With Olivia, we didn't really go anywhere with her very much as a baby. With Lillian, we took her to the movie theater twice before she was 2 months old. We also were a Cheesecake Factory when she was only 4 days old! And church when she was 5 days old! She's only missed a few Sundays in her short life! Olivia wasn't so lucky. I guess you're still just figuring it all out in the beginning! I even has someone say to me, "I can't believe you just had a baby 4 months ago and you're a church all these Sundays!" Then he asked me about putting them in the nursery! I didn't hesitate much putting her in. But I remember being cautious with Olivia. I need to be careful when I talk to first time paretns. I don't want to come off insensitive! It has just gotten so much easier for me that I forget how challenging it can be at first!

With Landon, I was determined to nurse him for at least 6 months before I gave him any taste of any other food. With Lillian, I've already added a little bit of rice cereal to bottles I've pumped. And last night, while I was cooking dinner, I handed her a saltine. I knew she was hungry but I can't do everything at once. I know, I know, surprise, huh! :-) just kidding

Here she is trying to chow down on it! I really don't think she got any of it in her mouth - notice most of it on her chest. But at least it kept her occupied for a bit while I got dinner on the table! :-)

I'm glad God makes it a little easier each time - or at least He did for me!


  1. Oh my gosh she's gotten so big!! I need to come see her before she's out of diapers!

  2. It's funny because with so many things, I'm more laid back with Asher, then there are a few things where I'm more cautious with him. It's weird. With Tristan, I had him out on day 3, and we just took him everywhere. With Asher, I was more cautious at first ( There were some differences in my pregnancy and delivery that I felt could have caused him to have a weaker immune system than Tristan).I did put him in the nursery early, though.
    As for food, I still had him wait 6 months, but once he hit that mark, he had many more things than Tristan did. Hello...cotton candy! Pizza crust! No way Tristan would have gotten that! Ha!
    I totally agree with you and the crying thing. Sometimes they just have to. Tristan was never given the chance! :)
    It's funny how things change with each baby! I can only imagine having a third! :)
    Your kids are gorgeous! :)

  3. linds.. thank you for blogging about third babies.. i have been wondering how my busy schedule with two very active little ones will hold up with a new baby coming.. this baby will just have to go with the flow, like you say.. i hope that things are going well your way.. tell robert that we miss you guys.. give olivia, landon and lillian sugars for us.. love yall.. amy

  4. I can't wait to hear about your "4th child syndrome". :)


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