Thursday, November 15, 2007

This is what kids are good for! :-)

You know those days where you just get the urge to CLEAN clean? Well, they don't come around very often for me! OR not as often as I'd like. Especially these days when the kids mess up the house 3 times faster than I can clean it up!

Well, I had one of those urges today. And I just knew I had to go with it. So, I got Olivia excited to help me clean. It's so great that she doesn't know it's a chore yet! :-) She couldn't wait to get her hands on the Windex bottle! (score!)

But what I really wanted to do was to roll rugs up, move furniture and vacuum/dust underneath everything. So we rock and rolled! I gave Olivia the hand-held vacuum and I had the big one and we worked together cleaning all the rooms of the house! Then she would spray the floor cleaner in front of me and I mopped the floors! She was actually a HUGE help! this is what kids are good for!! hehehe

Here she is vacuuming underneath her bed!

Here she's got the hose of the vacuum running it up and down the baseboards! :-)

We found all sorts of things underneath the beds! Including a rotted banana someone (I think his name is Landon) stashed away one day! Gross.

But it's done and it feels really good.

Now if only my house would STAY clean.


  1. Next time you get the urge please come to my house! I love that Olivia is doing the chores in TIGHTS!! It like she's a maid at a hotel!

  2. GREAT idea! I never thought to have Tristan do that. He will be put to work soon! Like you said, I better have him do it before he realizes it's a chore. ;D

  3. I wish Bates was old enough to help. He loves to act like he is sweeping, but it is really much more of a hazard than it is help!

  4. HC loves cleaning too!! Good thing.

  5. You really train them young. Cute photos of your daughter down on the floor cleaning up.


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