Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Scarlet "B"

It's been a while. Sorry for those who like a new post almost everyday!! It's hard to blog and take care of 3 kids!! I get tired sometimes!! :-)

We've had a bunch going on. Robert's been working late (for Christmas!) which means there is a lot more for me to do. I'm so grateful when he does come home with a "servant heart" and helps me out so much. I can definitely tell when I'm alone, how much he actually helps out!! Thanks babe!!

So, I have something to talk about and maybe people can help me out with it! Let me set the scene.

We went to church and put all the kids in the nursery! We cut out a little early from our Sunday school because we're meeting my family out for lunch. Robert goes and gets Landon while I go get the baby. I come back down and Robert (who looks infuriated!) just tells me Landon bit a kid on the cheek! Those of you without kids - this is REALLY serious. Kids get kicked out of places for biting!

We scanned around for the kid, but couldn't find him. It was also hectic since everyone else was picking up their children too! THANK GOD my friend was working in Landon's room and could tell me what happened.

She said that there were a few little boys around her feet at the door and Landon went over to take a truck from another little boy and (surprise) he didn't want to give it up, so Landon bit him. Now, she said she didn't actually see him do it but heard the scream. I also learned that many of the parents trying to pick up their kids witnessed what went on too. Great. Now, I'm "that mom with the kid who bites!". I joke that I am now branded with a "B" for biting on my back!! :-)

Everything was settled, it was handled great by the nursery. They made Landon apologize and sit in time out! My friend was able to tell the other mom that she knew this kid, and that the parents were aware of this happening before, and she knew we were working on this.

Well, we BEE-LINED it home and Robert handled the situation before we went to lunch. we're analyzing the situation and trying to figure out what is going on. My friend who was there when it happened and I talked for a while about the "whys" and what to do.

I think it's a culmination of things. I think we need to be more consistent in our discipline. When you're training your kids at this age, you really can't let things slide. Consistency is the key!! And having consequences as well! I think he's been getting away with too many things these days. My friend also pointed out that, hello, we just had a baby!! There's a huge change for him. I do remember Olivia going through a "crazy time" after Landon was born. So I'm sure that has a bit to do with it as well. Then Olivia started going to school - another change for him. He's not used to being away from her. And then also, I think he needs some special dad time. Boys are VERY different than girls (not that you didn't know that already!). But they physically NEED some rough play time!!

I think Landon is learning that he has feelings and isn't confident in how to express them all the time. I think he is testing his boundaries, and inadvertently testing our love for him. Boundaries show our children how much we love them!!! Boundaries are a GOOD thing for us! :-)

So we're really cracking down on him. And also it was a healthy wake up call for Robert to spend more time with him. :-)

Oh yeah, we're also remembering that he's 2 1/2!! I'm sure this is associated with his age as well!

I've been talking to friends that have had "biters" and I've gotten a lot of helpful things. And surprisingly, I've had a few people tell me to bite him back. Not to be mean but to show him how it feels! Isn't that funny! Well, I though it was funny that more than one person has told me this. But Landon reaslly doesn't bite us. Anyway, needless to say, he's on a short leash these days and he'll have to win back his liberties!

Of course, as soon as we figure this out, something new to figure out will come along. Funny how life is!


  1. Seriously, when you think you have one thing figured out, there's something new waiting to take its place. I think you're doing a great job!!! Stay encouraged!

  2. linds.. i can honestly say that biting is something that kids (along with discipline for biting) will have to just grow out of.. really.. he is two.. i remember brandon not doing the biting but being the one to get bit.. EVENTUALLY he watched other children do it and started biting back as well.. this is not something that you guys have taught him, but that it is something that he is being taught by other children doing it too.. keep your head up sister.. i promise with age and enough encouragement from your and robert's end you will soon see him grow out of this stage.. love you amy

  3. You and Robert are awesome!!! :)

    No scarlet B's necessary! Umm... as I type this guess what JUST happened!!?? JB took a bite of HC! A HUGE bite! You are not alone! Looks like the biting bug has visited us too!

  4. By the way, we did NOT bite him in return. I think the blood curdling scream, along with Daddy's raised stern voice and being fussed at did the trick. JB was broken hearted and quick to apologize.

    I just hope AND pray he ends this with a one time reminder. He hasn't done this in 6 months or more. I was shocked he bit her while I was commenting on your Landon biting!! :) Oh well, just when you think you've conquered something - you never know what comes next. (sigh) Motherhood is so tiring some days! ha ha


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