Monday, November 5, 2007

Lovey's Birthday

The main purpose for getting together at the lake was to celebrate my mom's birthday! My sister and her husband came up from Orange Beach and my brother at Auburn joined us Sunday. It's so hard to get us all together these days, so a weekend all together is a big deal.

Friday night we decided to celebrate. Mac, our resident gourmet chef cooked the meal. Ok, I gotta brag a little here. Mac is INCREDIBLE with food. He's worked at Hot 'n Hot Fish Club, and Ross Bridge - both delicious restaurants! It is an art for him. He loves pairing unique flavors together and then topping it off with a glass of wine to compliment the meal just's AMAZING! I'm not quite sure how he went from record breaking quarter back at Hampton Sydney to the gourmet next door, but hey, it works! And we LOVE it - and him too!

Anyway, Robert helped Mac in the kitchen. I was hoping he could memorize everything he did so we could cook it again and impress some friends. But Robert said he just shook the tomatoes when he was told and obeyed orders from Mac.

There's our boys cookin' away!!

Here's the BIRTHDAY DINNER!! Let me see if I can remember. It was balsamic infused pasta tossed with Parmesan cheese, basil, and blistered cherry tomatoes. On top was a Gorgonzola crusted beef tenderloin with a little more balsamic sauce. Lacey, correct me if any of this is wrong!

We were all OOING and AHHHING!!!

For desert, Lacey made a homemade pumpkin bread pudding with a rum raisin sauce! YUM!

Then we all sat around and reminisced about Mom. During which Robert, my amazingly creative husband (I had no idea!) whips out this card for Mom.

Get this, he had called my grandmother and asked her for some pictures of Mom that she might not have really seen before. He also asked for details of when she was born and got her to write them down! The he hand made a card for MY mom! How thoughtful!

Of course, the first thing I said when I saw the pictures was , "WOW - that looks like me!" I had never realized how much I looked like my mom!

I just hope I'm half as pretty as her when I turn 50!! But more importantly, I hope I can have a heart like hers!! She's an amazing godly woman! Love you Mom!!


  1. Lindsey...tell Lacey I am coming to have dinner with them when we move in a couple months!

  2. How fun! Wow! I bet your mom was super impressed with Robert. Way to go, Robert!!!
    Oh, and you absolutely do look like your mom. :)


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