Tuesday, November 20, 2007

He Really is Wearing THE "B"

This is a follow up to this post HERE So we've been working with Landon on not biting since our now infamous church nursery incident. I believe we have to train him in what is right and wrong behavior. I do not think he'll just grow out of it. So we're working hard to get him to talk his feelings out and he also gets NO "chances", if you will, when he bites - it's straight to consequence. And we've been 100% consistent thus far. It's going pretty good.

So we met a few friends at the park today (BEAUTIFUL weather by the way!). A couple of them work in the church nursery. They all know what happened that morning with Landon and knew I was keeping a close eye on his behavior at the park. So my friend Rachael got an email from the church nursery just updating everyone on what's been going on. I joked, "Oh goodness....Landon's been mentioned, huh" or something like that. I just knew she was going to tell me it said something about his BITING! :-)

She giggled and said they don't name names, but they were warning the nursery workers that some kids have been biting. (I pretty sure we're not the ONLY ones - I hope) She said that they were going to be labeling the kids name tags with a "B" beside their name!!!!!!! HAHAHA

Landon really is branded with a "B"! We all got a really good laugh out of it, especially since I had written a blog post about it! I guess it's a good way to warn the workers without the mother's reminding them, "Umm...my son bites!" every single Sunday.

Takes a little embarrassment out of it! :-)


  1. I think that is HILARIOUS! I thought of you and your blog when I got that email from Kat. I also thought the same thing you did...Landon's not the only biter!
    I'll be looking for his "B" next time I work the nursery! Ha!

  2. I know...I cracked up when she told me about that!!! Now, don't get me wrong, we're taking this very seriously but it was just hysterical the fact that I had JUST written about "wearing a B" and then she got that email!!!

  3. My thoughts exactly! :) The fact that you just wrote about it is what makes it so funny!

  4. I really did not mean that Landon would just have to GROW out of biting ON HIS OWN.. I do realize that you and Robert have to discipline him with this as well.. As well as Dennis and I have had to do with Brandon and Abbey if they did anything that was not right.. Thanks for following with a post on that tho!! The "B" thing was quite funny.. Amy

  5. Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!



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